Bought Something New

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Rarely in my life have I bought Tea for myself and the reason behind that is the fact that my Dad works in a Tea Garden so we get a lot of Tea for Free and when I mean Free I don't mean low-quality Tea it is actually the Top Tier Tea. So it was pretty usual for me to never buy Tea but this one really caught my Eye so yeah I just went ahead and bought it.


Once I opened the pack it contained 10 sachets of Tea Mix rather than Tea Leaves so yeah I am not so sure how this is going to go but hey let's try it out. Making this Tea is rather simple as well you just pour the contents of the sachet into a glass and pour hot water in it. Once it is settled add in some sugar according to taste and stir it well. That is the process written on the side of the Pack so I will be drinking this and hope my decision to buy this was a correct one.