Strawberry Sundae, Me Time, and Grateful Moment

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Traveling Alone
Refresh the Mind with the Enjoyment of Ice Cream

I enjoy meeting new people but also enjoy spending time alone. Enjoying my favorite food or drink in a public place.

Often, people in public places look at me with a look, maybe it's strange why I look so comfortable in public alone.


Like this time I spent time at McDonald's in my city. I purposely left the house with the aim of this place.

Strawberry Sundae Ice Cream




I want to enjoy the Strawberry Sundae Ice Cream served by McDonald's.

So this is where I enjoy my time with Strawberry Sundae and see the people around me.

There are many new things filling my head. It's not just about the enjoyment of this ice cream. But also a lot about very new things.


It's so relaxing, and delicious! Somehow I always love McDonald's ice cream texture. Soft but not easy to melt. The strawberry sauce is also quite a lot and it was enough to make my day fun!


Calms Noise in the Head

It feels like there is too much noise in my head. With cool, and sweet, and fresh things can help me have a good mood and gradually quiet the noise in my head.



When the noise is muted, it will help me to listen to other good things that are more positive for my ability to pursue my dreams.

Today is a day to be thankful for. It a blessing to feel calm and feel good!

Have you ever felt the pleasure of Strawberry Sundae? And have you ever felt this way alone in public?


Best Regards,
Anggrek Lestari

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This ice cream looks really delicious!

Indeed, I like it so much! I have to go out quite far away from my house just to eat this Ice cream :)

You are beauty women. The ICE cream looks delicious. I share with you the idea:

I enjoy meeting new people but also enjoy spending time alone.

I love this! Thank you for share with US.


You are beautiful too ❤️❤️❤️

@tipu curate

OOoooooh, you must try their new pie
Some caramel cream cheese - it's not bad at all :D

Yeeees I like their choco pie

I’m like that too! I love meeting people but also love to spend at least a little time by myself. I enjoy dining by myself as much as I enjoy doing it with family or friends.

Yes me time is the best. I know very well what you mean about noise in the head. I try to stop it all the time and it never stops. Perhaps I need something sweet as well.

I've try it before, it so sour ,
60/100 maybe hahaha

MEH, for me it was not!

Hm yeah you just like Chatime 😐

chatime the best,
no debat