How To Make Plant-Based Buttercream Frosting

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What's a fancy and delicious cake without cream to decorate it? Not just creamy, but cream frosting must have the right sweetness.

In a way, you will look like a professional cake maker if you manage to make delicious buttercream frosting with the right taste, and they don't make you want to throw up.


I will share the recipe with you. In this recipe, I use all plant-based ingredients and no eggs. So we can also save money by making egg-free frosting cream.



  • 200 grams of margarine (or another plant-based butter)
  • 100 grams of powdered sugar
  • 60 ml of ready-to-use thick coconut milk or coconut cream if available.

How To Make Cream


  • Beat the margarine (or another plant-based butter) until it turns slightly smooth.


  • Then add powdered sugar, and beat again until it is completely blended.


  • The final stage, add coconut milk or cream and mix well again.


  • Well, the cream fosting is ready to use.

The Result





This cream frosting recipe is my favorite recipe. My family members love the taste of this homemade cream which is not too sweet and does not have an excessive taste of fat.

What do you think of this cream I made? Have you ever made cream to decorate your cake?



Yummy! 😋

My SIL makes her own cake frosting. I’ve always wanted to try but never have.

I love that it’s plant based. We drink and use almond milk for everything. I’ve been wanting to find ways to use coconut milk and now I see this is a good way.

It looks really creaming and smooth too! Thanks for sharing the recipe with us ~

I'm glad in here I can found coconut milk easily. My whole recipe for dessert and side dish using coconut milk. :)

Thank you so much for reading my post.

I don't think frosting needs margarine. In fact, the idea makes me gag a little!
But the other 2 ingredients you used are great (coconut cream and icing sugar). That's how I make icing. Just put the coconut cream in the fridge until it's thick and stiff. Then mix in a bit of icing sugar, and spread on the cake. Mix in some cocoa powder if you want chocolate icing.

In the past, I tried with no margarine but the result of the texture not the same as this way. Less creamy and not fluffy I think

I like it, it should also have a slight coconut flavor.

And increasing the good smell. 😊

Thank you so much for stopping by

I love this, i have never used a coconut milk in my frosting. Pinned, i have to try. Thanks for the recipe.

I often use coconut milk, but use the thick texture. I use the instant one from a popular brand in here. Or yeah you can buy coconut cream :)

Thank you so much for reading my post :)

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Wow... looking yummy 😋

Thank you :)

Looks soooo good! 😋

Yup that was sooo good. I cant move :)

Yes, I make this too but I noticed something in your recipes.
You beat the margarine separately first before adding the sugar.
Well, I add both at the same time and best until the butter becomes a bit fluffy.
Do you still get a better result doing them separately, one after the other?
Yes, I like homemade cream too.

The results a little bit different. In my way, the result will make the cream more smooth.

Really? maybe I will try that when next I wanna do it

Yup you have to try and tell me about the result :)

Sure I will tell you!

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Ok nice. Thank you for the information

That is great looking cake! 😋 I bet it taste even better. Baking is something I only tried once!

baking is my addicted now! So much fun and the smell of baking food makes everyone in the room be happy :)

Yummy, delicious!!!

Thank you! I look forward your recipe :)

I posted one recently! I was wondering if you saw it @anggreklestari! 🥰🌺🤙 !ENGAGE

I will always look at new recipes :)

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Thank you guys!

Cool... I like this cake 😇👌👌👌

Carrot cake is my fav 😇

I must try it :))

It looks very tasty) I tried this cake, but for a very long time)
I would like this piece now)

Sending you a virtual cake 🎂 😘❤️

thank you)

I have tried something like this before! It’s delicious

Yup, absolutely, yummy! One of my fav recipe :)

Que sabroso se ve este postre, me encantan las torta y para meriendas con café con leche mejor. @anggreklestari
How tasty this dessert looks, I love cakes and for snacks with coffee with milk better. @anggreklestari

Yes tasty dessert and we can enjoy it with coffee.

Thank you so much for stopping by

Woww... Kelihatannya enak sekali kuenya saya jadi ngiler melihatnya...sukses

Makasih banyak ya ehehe

Ini emang kue kesukaan ibu saya jd saya sering bikin untuknya

Sukses juga untuk anda

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