A Snack Idea: Spicy Fried Sweet Potatoes

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What are you doing at the end of the year? I just accompany my mother in front of the television, drink coffee, and eat various foods that I make.


I'm not the kind of person who likes to take vacations when other people like them. I don't like going to cities with too many people, although I also like meeting new and random people.

I will take my time off when the city is a little bit quiet, then I will choose a restaurant that I have never been to before.


But this time, I'll be sharing with you my year-end snack, which doesn't look so bad it seems.

P.S .: If you don't like chilies, you can use mayonnaise sauce to enhance the taste. But it will still taste good even if it doesn't come with the sauce.

Let's get started!


Cooking Instructions

- Step 1


Step 1, make a liquid dough with a ratio of 2 tablespoons to 4 tablespoons. So, make it sparingly. But I make more liquid dough if there are still slices of sweet potatoes left.

- Step 2

After the liquid dough is ready, prepare the dry flour mixture using all-purpose flour. Here I add seasonings such as salt and pepper. Use sparingly and no more than a teaspoon. But I use more pepper because I like it spicy.

- Step 3

Heat the oil while preparing the sweet potatoes to the dough. Dip the slices of sweet potatoes into the liquid mixture.

- Step 4

After dipping into the liquid mixture, roll the slices of sweet potatoes into the flour that has been seasoned.

- Step 5

Fry the sweet potatoes in hot oil until browned.

- Step 6

Remove and serve.

Here I am serving fried sweet potatoes with a sprinkling of red chili powder.


The texture is a little crispy on the outside. But it depends on the thickness of the flour attached to the sweet potatoes layer.


The inside remains soft, and I always love the simple taste of these treats.


What do you think of these fried sweet potatoes? Have you ever made a similar snack?

Anggrek Lestari.

Anggrek Lestari.jpg

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That looks so delicious sis... Yum...

Indeed sis! My bro and sister and my mom want this snack again and again 😅

Thanks for the tips! 😘❤️

For me, I like my sweet potatoes sliced thin. But that looks delicious! And the way you presented the food is very nice. 😍 Happy New Year!

If thin textures, it will became chips, ehehe.

Happy new year!

Happy New Year! Sorry for the late reply. >.<
Yes, I was imagining it to be like chips. Hehe

Love your Foodie post!

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