How to bake a super soft raisin brioche

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Ok, that’s it, I must write a @breadbakers post. After commenting excessively on @akipponn’s amazing yeast rolls I feel obliged to keep the flame brioche burning and tell you about my latest yeast bread with raisins.

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First the ingridiences:
200 g spelt flour 630
230 g wheat flour 550
200 ml warm milk of choice
10 g fresh yeast
40 g soft butter
30 g cold butter
1 egg size M
3 Tbsp sugar
5 g salt
A lot of raisins… sorry I did not measure them, I simply poured them into the dough :-D

I started with mixing the warm milk with the yeast and sugar and let it proof for 10 minutes. Then I added the flour, egg and warm butter and kneaded it for 10 minutes. I added salt, raisins and the cold butter and kneaded on, until the dough detached itself from the bowl. Now came the manual work; I stretched the dough and folded it to create the stringy quality I so love in brioche.
Finally, the dough could rest in a covered bowl over the heater (roughly 24 degrees Celsius) for two hours.

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After this time the volume has doubled, and the dough was fluffy and soft to touch. But brutal me showed no consideration for this delicate dough and pressed the air out of the fluffy being, divided it into 5 parts and started again to stretch and fold. After this process I formed all five dough lumps into taut balls and pressed them into my baking tray.


Normally I preheat the oven and meanwhile let the dough rise again, but this time I tried a different method: I filled a baking tray with 700 ml water and put it in the lowest part of the oven. Now I put the brioche directly over this water filled tray into the cold oven. Only now I put on the temperature (on 160-degree Celsius fan forced/Umluft) so that the yeast had time to rise during the slow heating process of the oven.

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This new method worked fine and I could watch the dough rising and rising and finally baking into a wonderful soft and stringy brioche.(PS: as always I forgot to brush the brioche dough with egg or milk before baking - sigh)

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Do you have a favourite brioche baking method and recipe? Things I absolutely should try the next time? Please let me know <3



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Ohhh thank you for the support <3 I just read about your garden projects and look forward to your experience with the mounded raised beds (I think „Hügelbeet“?)... We saw these in a garden show about traditional gardening techniques and since then I want to try this. But right now we still have so many repair/cleaning to do as the garden is still full of waste from the old tenants and we have to learn how to live with the bunnies and rats and mice and snails who all want to eat our vegetables :-DDDD (and I am still very uninformed about gardening as it is our first garden patch ever).

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Thank you so much for the support <3

I've never made this kind of bread before. It looks good! Thanks for introducing me to the Breadbakers community. I didn't know there was one.

Ohhhh happy I could broaden your bread horizon :-DDD And I hope to read about your bread baking adventures.
THis kind of sweet yeast bread is very common here (Germany), there are a lot of variations: wit poppy seeds and pudding, with apple or very decadent with cubed sugar instead of raisins.

Love your Foodie post!

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Thank you so much for the support and for bringing the foodie community to my notice <3

Ja it comes! Looks so nice! A lot of raisin is not too bad. I like to have as much as raisins in my bread ... However I tend to put too much and sometimes my bread gets a bit hard as they soak water 😂

If you forget to brush egg before you put your bread in oven, you can make the surface shiny by splaying water or brushing water after it comes out from oven. This is a technique I learned from Ploetzblog book for toast bread.

Lightly toasted raisin brioche slices with additional butter spread on top will be super indulging 😁

I only notice that my bread should have gotten a brush is when I look at your photos :-DDD Then I think „hmmm her bread looks kind of nicer, there was a trick...hmmm“ and then I remember :-D
And the cold oven was a risk (for me) I was really distrustful but it worked fine.
If all is well today, I will make some liege waffles with yeast and Pearl sugar (my husband loves them and he was sad about the raisins in the bread... this is something he does not appreciate, but my mother does... hard to coordinate individual taste preferences :-DDD)
Sending some

Looks lovely - but why did you put dead grapes into it? shudders

I tried to accommodate to different tastes: my mother loves raisins, my husband hates them and I am on the neutral side of raisins. So, i made this bread more for my mother (and me) and my husband got some Belgian waffles (ok, I ate these too :-DDD)
Hmmm while reading my answer, I must accept I am inventing excuses to bake even more :-D

I was just thinking of trying @akipponn’s recipe but your recipe looks good as well! I’d have to try it someday.
Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for this lovely comment and if you ever try one of the recipes I would love to read about it <3 (I want to bake @akipponn‘s bagels for so long... but I always shy away as I never tried bagels before, I am a huge coward)

I baked @akipponn's bagel 3 times! Her recipe makes wonderful bagels. My family love it!

Happy to read it @djynn! And I promise your family will love @neumannsalva's raisin brioche too 😁I made it right away and We ate up more than half for our breakfast this morning .........

I'm so glad that I tried your bagel recipe. Now I can replace my old boring bread recipe with both of your recipes!