Tamarillo harvest from our garden

in Natural Medicinelast month (edited)

The tamarillo trees in our garden have been carrying a bountiful harvest this year and we are blessed with an abundant supply of the tangy and sweet fruit!

unnamed - 2021-05-05T081520.511.jpg

Otherwise known as a tomato fruit, its flesh' texture and taste is almost like a guava with a bold and complex flavor. The fruit is very high in vitamins and iron and and can be enjoyed guilt free, as it is very low in calories.

unnamed - 2021-05-05T091324.468.jpg

The skin and the flesh near it has a bitter taste and is not usually eaten raw. I prefer to cut off the top of the fruit and squeeze out the sweet flesh. The fruit ripens in autumn in South Africa, but it usually depends on the climate where it grows.

unnamed - 2021-05-05T081348.427.jpg

The tamarillo trees are adaptable and very easy to grow. These trees are still young, but they can reach 5 meters and usually carry fruit from around 2 years. The fruit does not ripen simultaneously and a few harvests are usually needed.

unnamed - 2021-05-05T081442.230.jpg

unnamed - 2021-05-05T081149.765.jpg

This is my #gardenjournal entry for May! It was my first post in #naturalmedicine and I hope to share more of our garden with you!

###### Thank you to @naturalmedicine and @riverflows for hosting the challenge! I look forward to participating again in the future!


Oh I love tamarillo! Do you make anything with them? thanks for your entry!

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I haven't yet, but I am eyeing an awesome chutney recipe to make. I usually eat the fruit fresh, as it is or mixed with other in a salad.

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You know, I've never tried tamarillo before. They look delicious, the color just screams anti-oxidants and I bet they taste great.
Lovely post with great pictures. Thank you for participating in the #gardenjournal challenge. Wishing you a warm welcome to the Natural Medicine community. 🤗💚

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Thank you so much @holisticmom! I've only been in the Hive community a few months, so it's still exciting to learn and see where I can contribute!

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Saludos! Primera vez que veo un árbol de Tamarillo. Aquí lo llamamos tomate de árbol 😂, su jugo es fenomenal y ayuda a mejorar el sistema inmune.
Greetings! First time I see a Tamarillo tree. Here we call it tree tomato 😂, its juice is phenomenal and helps to improve the immune system.