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RE: Toxic Positivity and the Denial of Emotions

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I love this so much! I live on Koh Phangan, and island with lots of spiritual practitioners, and so many people are spiritual bypassing! They don't want to live in "low vibrations" and by doing so, suppress what is alive for them.

as they think it's better to just endure and smile and pretend everything is fine, even if they are being abused

Yep, that's how I was raised too. "Turn the other cheek" as Jesus would do. Made for a pretty painful childhood.

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Spiritual bypassing, yes! That's an apt term that just didn't come to me as I was writing but I have heard it. So important for people to realize when they are doing that (or being taught to do that). Dr. Lissa Rankin has been writing about this on her social media of late and it's been a good discussion, I think.

Cool, I had to lookup Lissa Rankin and I'll check out her blog.

I read her first book, Mind Over Medicine, which is about the body's ability to heal itself (basically, using the placebo effect to your benefit), and I really liked it. She had published that one and I think a second under Hay House publishers, but recently, in the past year or so, she broke with them over various issues, such as spiritual bypassing and inequality in their publishing practices. And she's been having good discussions about various issues like that in the "spiritual/healing" community ever since.