This is how grapes look after 16h in the dehydrator :)

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They don't taste like raisins as I know them. They taste better! Sweet, sticky, chewy... and they leave you wanting more. These will likely be added to the home made breakfast cereal mix throughout winter.


It took around six hours in the end to de-pip enough grapes to fill just three trays! So, in fact I was averaging two hours per tray. Not so great. Perhaps someone knows of a cunning trick to speed up this process?


Yes, seedless grapes would have been better, but we must always make do with what we have.

They were gifted to us from a neighbour who grows them in his garden just for decoration! People around here are so weird ;)


Love & Light everyone 🌱


Wow that's a lot of time! Still nice of your neighbour to gift these :)

He's not a bad neighbour but he wouldn't have offered if I hadn't asked ;)

Yeah, I don't mind spending time on certain things.

Totally got dehydrator envy right now. The raisins from the farmers market taste SOOO different to the ones from the supermarket.

My sister posted about having hot cross buns for sale in the states, and now these amazing raisins, cravings!

Agreed, they really do taste different!

When one has cravings, one must tend to them ;)

Hello friend@samstonehill, I wish I had a neighbor who would give me that amount of grapes, because I love them, and here in Venezuela, they cost too much. But I would like to know anyway the process to turn them grapes happens because I also adore them. What do you think if you make a post about the process to make raisins? But tag me please, to find out when I publish it. I thought your post was very good.

This is the post! It is sooooo simple. You just dry them. This can be done in the sun for 3-4 days or in a dehydrator for 16h.

How wonderful @samstonehill, thank you, don't doubt that I will ... Well, if I can get the grapes. Ha ha