The cat who doesn't mind being treated like a baby 😸

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I am consistently stunned by how relaxed this cat is around my children who are definitely still lacking a certain finesse, to put it bluntly. Took these shots a few weeks ago and thought I would share them with you today because they are quite cute and today is #caturday


Luna pushing the pram!


Don't mess with the ninja.


He kisses very effectively.


And finally, the cat in question.


Currently she is called Fifi by the adults and Minette by the children ;)

I'm okay with that. The cat with two names.


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@samstonehill It is wonderful to observe the connection of children with animals, in homes should never miss a cat or dog, because without doubt, that strengthens the emotional growth of our children. Thank you for sharing, these beautiful images.

Thanks for appreciating my friend.

And I absolutely agree. A puppy will come to us at some point too ;)

I hope you're not expecting the feline to hlp with the tiling! lol

You are a total nut job. And I love it!

Finally, some news we can trust.

You can count on me!