Our first homegrown melon smelled & tasted amazing :)

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Without doubt there is some kind of enhanced energetic transfer when one eats food which has been grown from seed by their own hand, with a loving intention. If one ever buys food, the intention behind the growth of the food is money and therefore not as effective at providing the full spectrum of that which humans need to thrive.

I fasted for 24h before picking & eating this melon in order to fully appreciate it. Even through its skin the smell was so rich and welcoming, I knew there was something beautiful waiting for me within.


And you can be sure it was an intense experience ;)

This is where they are growing in our garden.


The watermelons must surely be almost ready now? Can't wait for them!

It has been an amazing season with so much learning.

Just wish I had more time to post the journey here!

Am busy creating smiles :)


And pesto!


Pesto post up next...


A big difference is certainly the fact that you picked it ripe, while most of the melons you buy have been picked still unripe?

Thank you for keeping us up to date with your family and producer life.

The pesto is really interesting... is it Genoese style?

!tip hugs & !BEER

I am not sure what Genoese style means?

Though I do know that an Italian guy on YouTube taught me how to do it ;)

Thank you for appreciating my shares!

By "pesto Genoese style" I meant the recipe they make in Genoa, that is with basil leaves (obviously), Extra virgin olive oil, Parmigiano Reggiano, Pecorino, Pine nuts, garlic and a pinch of rock salt... since an Italian guy explained how to do it, it will be something very similar.

A huge hug and stay all of you very well!


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Awesome 👍

Getting there...

Am looking forward to winter just so we can eat some of this food I've been storing!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Wow, the melon! It looks so sweet and fresh, I could almost smell it from here!

And the pesto!!! How I wish I'd be able to to the same with my mini basil garden. Soon. <3

¡Qué rico! a nosotros nos encanta el melón. Hice una siembra de ellos, pero la veo poco próspera Dios permita que también se me de, Saludos amigo y que siga sembrando y cosechando es un momento muy satisfactorio