How will skeptics be forced to take the vaccine without it being made mandatory?

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The agenda to vaccinate the world is no secret but what will be done about the growing number of people who know the production of this vaccine has been rushed (forgoing the usual safety trials) and that vaccine companies are now exempt from liability, giving no legal protection to those who suffer as a result of getting vaccinated? Given the choice, most healthy logical humans who are not living in total fear will simply choose not to take it. Indeed, many of my personal friends are family are defiantly stating their position now that they better understand the situation, but from my perspective their defiance is misplaced because they do not understand (or simply refuse to accept) the way in which they will be forced to take it.

So will governments just make it mandatory? No. In fact, I don't believe too many countries will take this approach. Rather they will make it mandatory only in certain situations (like if you're a student or health care worker) and slowly over time expand on the number of situations, until eventually everyone has no choice.

All of that being said, there is currently no need to make anything mandatory while the people themselves force it on each other, even before it is available.


Many business owners are desperate after the disruption of two lockdowns and are no longer in a position to quarantine staff and close the business again due to one person testing positive. Their only solution is to get everyone vaccinated. But what if one employer refuses? The business owner generally speaking does not have the power to force this particular vaccine on his staff yet (while the flu vaccine is legally enforceable by employers in the US), but in many countries they do have the power to fire staff because they won't adhere to company policies.

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So that member of staff who is rightly suspicious of this vaccine will likely be in a similar position to the business owner, desperate for money and no longer able to refuse potential income. Leaving them no choice but to roll up their sleeve.


I could drop articles here but I am just going to assume you have already seen the airlines talking about the importance of the health passports which display our current status. A number of airlines have directly stated that once the vaccine is widely available, passengers will not be permitted to travel unless they are vaccinated and it is logical to assume that over time this approach will be adopted by all airlines and other methods of international transport.

Eventually of course, this will be expanded out to all forms of public transport.


As the main thing required to sustain human life on Earth, food is unquestionably the most powerful control mechanism available to the elite.

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Currently you are being asked to wear a mask to go food shopping and soon the vaccine will be right there outside your supermarket. All you have to do is get in line and get jabbed before continuing on your shopping trip. Don't believe me? Here is an article from one week ago:

Screen Shot 20201206 at 06.48.13.png

I know I am speculating here but I imagine we are not far from the moment when the mandatory use of a mask is replaced by the mandatory use of a vaccine, offering us the chance to finally take them off while we buy our food and breathe as nature intended. So what will you do if your supermarket tells you to join the vaccine queue or go home?

Internet shopping you say? Perhaps. But that would make you reliant on the internet, which I am sorry to tell you is not infallible.

The upcoming cyber attack

If you are not already familiar with Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum I suggest you get familiar because he appears to have more power than any of your elected leaders.

Screen Shot 20201207 at 14.34.35.png

It is worth noting that Schwab was a student of Henry Kissenger, whose food related quote I included above.

In July this year Schwab warned us of a possible cyber attack which would create far more havoc than covid. Hard to imagine right?

Screen Shot 20201206 at 07.09.55.png

Americold are responsible for the transport of 97% of all frozen food in the US, so when their systems go down, supermarkets & grocery stores will feel it very quickly. Just two weeks ago they experienced a cyber attack which completely halted the movement of frozen food and while I know I am in speculation land again, it seems clear to me this was a test run for something much bigger.

For two days the delivery drivers simply had to wait.

Screen Shot 20201206 at 07.02.54.png

Supermarkets generally have enough stock to cover three days, so this was just long enough to know with certainty Americold were unable to do anything at all with their system down, but short enough to prevent a disruption to the food supply, meaning that no one noticed. And naturally this event was completely ignored by the mainstream media.

Are you feeling suspicious yet? You should be.

Or perhaps you think it is a coincidence the FBI just happened to put out a tweet last week relating to cybercrime, while tagging the World Economic Forum?

Screen Shot 20201207 at 15.26.37.png

False flag events are planned long in advance

The idea that a cyber attack is coming has been slowly worked into our subconscious since 2013. This way when it happens we will accept it much more easily as a plausible event.

Screen Shot 20201206 at 07.40.29.png

But that would just affect big businesses and internet related stuff, right?


Screen Shot 20201206 at 07.44.34.png

So if a world-wide cyber attack were to occur (or simply be staged) it is very possible and justifiable that you would quickly have no power, no water, no mobile phone connection and no internet. Potentially for a long time.

Much easier now to understand what Schwab meant when he gave us his warning back in July:

We all know, but still pay insufficient attention to the frightening scenario of a comprehensive cyber attack which would bring to a complete halt the power supply, transportation, hospital services, our society as a whole. The covid19 crisis would be seen in this respect as a small disturbance in comparison to a major cyber attack.

The only way you would be able to eat & drink (assuming you don't grow your own food & filter your own water from a natural source) would be to buy whatever was available at any shops which were still open. While it is evident now these shops will quickly run out of frozen food in this situation they will likely still be able to provide you with water & something to fill your belly.

So, faced with dehydration & starvation or the vaccine queue outside the supermarket (which just happens to be the only place left to buy food & water) I think the decision will be easy for people, skeptics included.

When do I expect this to happen?

As soon there are enough vaccines in circulation to jab the entire population. I tried to dig up info on exactly when this might be but it is hard to pinpoint. Likely some time in the first half of 2021.

Which gives you plenty of time to prepare!

Food independence above all

I have spent this entire year reminding you regularly about of the importance of growing your own food, learning to forage from the wild and to store it over winter. The reason for me sharing this message with you over the last year is completely unrelated to the reason descried above because as time goes on the total number of reasons why food independence is intimately connected with our freedom will only continue to grow.

So, if you are looking to avoid getting jabbed against your will (amongst other things), you know what to do 🌱

And if you are looking for a library of downloadable books & films which will very likely help you in the coming years, I recommend you check out my @survival-archive account on LBRY where I will be re-focusing my energy now that I am back home after a recent outdoor project.

My four most popular uploads seen here.

Screen Shot 20201207 at 06.52.06.png

Remember, much joy can be found in preparing for all eventualities!

Love & Light everyone 🌿

Title image taken from this episode of Family Guy and the majority of information in this article taken from Christian @iceagefarmer who I personally feel to be a trustworthy & reliable source.


It was really refreshing reading this! Knowing that others know the truth about what’s “really” going on really makes me happy. I call this a “plandemic” because it has been planned many years.

I am glad I don’t have to live by fear and worry because I know who is ultimately in control. They think they are but they’re not.

My family has been gathering and stocking up resources since the beginning of this year. We know it won’t get better but only worse. We do need to learn some survival skills and techniques so I am looking forward to going over the information you have provided for us.

Thank you for this post as it put me back in an urgent state of mind. It’s easy to just sit back and forget about what’s to come but we can’t afford to. Thanks again also for the information you have shared. I hope more people wake up and realize what’s about to go down and get and resource independent as much as possible.

I think there are a bunch of us around here who know this stuff already and our numbers are growing by the day. I do not however think this is any kind of war which can be won and our best approach is to prepare. This moment was chosen for the plandemic for many reasons, one of which is the weather which is going to be erratic for many years, making food production difficult, guaranteeing a tough time for humans. The perfect time to clamp down on control is when things are out of control. It's an old game which has mostly been hidden from us. Am putting together an article about this subject currently.

Make sure to download those books and keep them offline. Ideally you want to keep them on a phone or ipad which can be charged with solar. This way you will have access to the info no matter what. I've been busy recently but will get back to posting in @survival-archive regularly again this week.

Enjoy your preparations!

Can't tell you how much fun I've had ;)

Hey, forgot to say... many thanks for the tip!

Yes I can see that the numbers are growing and that is really good! This information you are sharing is very valuable and worth a research for those who may not be convinced that some underlying events are taking place and some behind the scenes planning are unfolding right before us.

I will definitely keep an eye out for your upcoming article.

Thanks so much for that solar tip. I was planning to start turning any valuable info I find into pdf form so that I will still have it available if/when the internet goes dark. My husband is seeking out some solar charging banks for our phones and laptops now. Wouldn’t hurt for us to look at some solar powered phones as well.

That’s good you have had fun preparing! I’m having fun learning and gathering supplies already :D

You’re most certainly welcome. I wanted to do that since my vote value still isn’t where I’d like it to be ;)

Take care ~

I've had some experience with solar and what I can tell you is that laptops are very power hungry. This is why I recommend keeping the info on something smaller. Then all you really need is a solar charger with a USB output. And if you are keen to use other things with batteries, buy re-chargeable batteries and a charger which can be powered by USB.

Thank you so much for sharing this!!! All great to know!!!

Interesting word, a "plandemic" this is semantically interesting. You should add it to urban dictionary

😄 I agree!

The entities that are determined to destroy us will instead destroy themselves. Many of us are wising up, and publicly.

It is true that many of us are wising up. I feel that. But I do not feel it strongly enough to sit back and relax. And as I said, it can be extremely fun & rewarding preparing for all eventualities, learning lots of amazing new skills. Frankly, I don't think I have ever been so motivated in my life! Nothing like a fake pandemic to kick us in the bum ;)

They are not going to be able to successfully immunize a population against a virus that is this far spread every transmission causes the virus to evolve so the vaccine may treat some cases it cant treat every variation of the virus. when you increase the number of infected to this level the virus will evolve just like you sped up the evolutionary time line in a larger species. Given that viruses changes the host DNA and people have been getting sick more than once that increases the viruses mutations as well. Buckle up its about to get worse!

Doesn't stop them from lying to people about its effectiveness. The flu shots are dismally effective every year but lots comply and get in line for it despite this knowledge.

Funny, I used that same analogy just the other day. Though I extended mine a bit... "buckle up and brace for impact!"

I am one of the most positive people you will find around here, but I have spent plenty long enough researching how this world works to know there is nothing which is going to stop what is coming. It is hard to explain quickly but this game has been played before many times by the elite in various different forms and they are particularly good at it now. Any glimmer of hope is put there intentionally.

Oh Sam - this is just too scary for words

Not at all scary if you are prepared!

Remember, not everyone has advance warning, so you are actually in a great position, unlike the majority of the world's population who believe everything will go back to the way it was next year.

Wow, you have gathered some great literature on your lbry! Must have been a lot of effort to find all this, thank you for that <3 Very interesting stuff, I will definitely download some of it :-)

I felt the urge to create the survival archive at the beginning of this year but the posting trailed off in recent months. Coming back to it now I can see that 100s of people are downloading them. And I am so happy to see that Earthships are the most popular subject! Personally I can't wait to live in one ;)

Quick question... do all the thumbnails on my LBRY account display correctly for you? I am scanning down the books and many of the images appear as grey boxes. Could be my internet connection? Just want to check with someone else...

I've checked, and some thumbnails stay grey, but not many, just three or four. And I don't have the best internet connection either ^^

Now I have a quick question: I tried to download the earthship stuff (yep, hooked like everyone else ^^) but the download wasn't in pdf format, but some unknown format, that I couldn't open. Some downloads worked (the edible mushroom book for example), others not. Am I doing something wrong? Or maybe I need a special program to open the files?

All the files were PDFs when I uploaded them so that sounds like something has gone wrong with LBRY. A bit frustrating. Most of these books I downloaded from so why not have a look if you can download directly from there.

Great, I will try that! Thank you :-)

Very good points here, really appreciate you putting it together. I am trying to prepare what we can, while we can but still maintain a somewhat normal life. We thankfully aren't completely reliant on the things others have decried like going to restaurants and the like. International travel will be unfortunate to lose but not the worst.

Appreciate the post Sam!

I felt a little bit sad about the international travel bit at first, but I am assured now by people on the dark web that it is possible to fake anything and in time we will have alternative options to aid us with travel again. Assuming one can afford to pay for it and has an understanding of where one buys such things.

If someone were to ask me if I felt like I had prepared enough the answer would not be a yes, but I feel okay knowing I have done what I can without disrupting my flow of enjoyment. Not living in fear is of course the most important thing of all.

A good little combo there. Because as I pointed out, just saying "no" will not be enough. Best to prepare for all eventualities, just in case the elite already figured out lots of us are going to say no. Which of course they have!

Thank you for helping me put out this message.

A little Christmas gift for you

This is the Cookwithus Christmas Recipe Book that my son @leelektrik put together for us

Thank you x

Downloading now!

Yep, you get my full vote on this one- literally my whole 13 @ 100% for this article.

So many valid points all linking together.
Well written and I think that your 'speculation' land is actually 'reality city'.

Much appreciated my friend. I have been away for some time and was unable to write articles, so this one was brewing in my head for some time.

I would not be able call myself a decent human being if I didn't at least try to warn people. All of this stuff above is based on logic but I feel it much more strongly in my core, like an indefinable sensation that now is the time to prepare.

I'm now wondering just how long and how many deaths and deformities/illnesses will occur because of the rush into the vaccines.

We might see them in 2 months- we might not see the affects for another 6 years and how much worse will it be then....

It is best not to spend too much time thinking about such things. Plenty of good stuff to focus on still ;)

Again, you are so right!
Me, I'm always an optimistic realist....

The funny thing is that in every century, there is a theory like this. Now the scientific evidence is not enough and that is very sad. Now the proofs and evidences are the opinions of other people that have no scientific and real basis. But, people believe what they want to believe.

Very good article, I don't agree with the arguments, but the debate is good. And reading these things can at least help me debate with my friends and family.

Blessings. <3

If only science were not for sale. But like everything else which has the power to generate money and control the way we think, it is valued highly and therefore highly controlled.

In the end our intuition is our best guide.

Blessings @pavanjr

It is good to make your acquaintance.

In the end our intuition is our best guide.

I agree with you!


Yes little buddy. Sing your song loud!

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