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RE: If it makes you feel “blah”, turn it off (Self Help for Trolls #7)

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Oh man, sometimes I get sooo triggered, but I think I only do it when I feel like it, in a detached way. I'm also very, very polite about it and show that I understand where they are coming from, even if I think they're a horrible person (or behaving horribly - we are all love inside at the deepest core level)

'Oh I'm so sorry you that experience, that must have sucked. I completely understand why you must have felt that way - it must have been so frustrating! I can kinda see where they're coming from too, especially with the political history of... and ..... I try not to.. because I'd rather.............. '

or something like that!

I totally love Instagram. We've met lots of people in one of our niche hobbies, Landrovers - @wildtrackdreaming. And youtube - we've watched some awesome things there and my husband finds SOOO much informative stuff to help with mechanic problems! Yesterday we watched an incredible doco about lebanon - indigo traveller I thinK? So good. So yeah, there might be censorship and all kinds of things, but there's some fabulous stuff there I'll support forever! Damn, I wish they'd publish on HIVE too, just for the hell of it!

Lovely to hear your beautiful voice, and thanks so much for your positivity which I needed muchly this week.

I love you xx


❤️! I feel like Twitter is dipping my toes into mass collective consciousness interpreted into text. Fb is all my old connections and I can’t figure out if I get no likes cause people don’t care or because all those rt articles about Assange in 2011 made the algorithms hate me. In any case, I’m not cool on fb. YouTube is my favorite. All these companies are awful but there is just so much useful and funny stuff on YouTube and I already feel satisfied with the friends I make here and using fb to contact IRL people.

Instagram is hard for me cause I suck with pictures. So far it just recommends me’s my fault....I click.

And as far as dealing with those people, I try to troll lovingly or just give them a pat on the back “sounds tough”. When I can I try to troll lovingly 😃