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RE: Introduceyourself: Indigenous chief and Shaman Rufino Ponare arriving Blockchain [Esp-Eng]

Fascinating read and a great project, I'll look forward to future updates!

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Thank you for your reblog and your comments!

the communication with the jungle it's oftenly an interrupted one, at least for now we have work to do to solve this but it's a blessing to have this bridge posibility between web 3 and roots.

It seems like a really interesting response to changing times.

Takes me back to my Anthropology degree, that was a few years ago!

Great, I don't know many anthropologists that speak about this specific community, but there is one called Alejandro Mansutti that has an extensive work of the Wotujja people, he doesn't speak exactly about the same cosmovision, but he is the closest you can find on the internet, and the best thing is that he has articles in English.