To celebrate this new moon, Zoe in the Bosque will guide us through a lovely grounding exercise. Namaste!

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Good morning fellow Hiveians!

You might have seen my lovely cousin, Zoe in some of my other videos. She is an amazing human being who lives in the forest and I am lucky enough to visit from time to time (we take the necessary social distancing precautions).

Today, for new moon, Zoe was kind enough to prepare a little grounding exercise for us.

If we take a moment to consider how the moon has such great power over the ocean and the tides, then we may also recognize the power that the moon may have over the water in the ground, and in our bodies. Typically new moon is the time that farmers and gardeners alike chose to plant seeds. It is a common belief that during new moon, the water is in the ground, as opposed to full moon, when the water is pulled upwards and into the fruit and the leaves. This is a great time for us to plant our own, metaphorical seeds too. New moons represent new beginnings, it is a time to plan and consider what we really want. If it feels magnetizing to you, you might write a list of your intentions for the next month. As you write each one, try to keep them simple and precise. Take a moment to try to feel each intention as if you had already achieved it.


I also had a chat with here about Hive today, and she will be joining the community soon :)

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100% upvote from me - the world NEEDS just so much more of this!! Grounding, breath, beauty, more grounding, mindfulness....

Please keep making more of these videos!!

Look forward to Zoe coming to join us in the Hive soon. The Gathering is upon us!

Hugs and blessings from Thailand.

Khop Kun Krap! Thank you very much for your message of love! I've shared it with Zoe and also retweeted. We are doing Asana video-call with her in about 30 mins. :)

Look forward to lots more great health-yoga-meditation-visualization videos!!

Hello @recording-box, this is @notconvinced on behalf of Natural Medicine.

Your cousin has a great camera presence. She will be right at home on Hive. Thank you for sharing and I hope she jumps right on board.


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hello @notconvinced thank you for supporting us! I hope we've made a small contribution to the growth of the Natural Medicine community here on HIVE :)

Most definitely my friend. We are glad to have you.😀

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