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RE: 🥬 Ital Crispy Rice Noodles & 🍄 Snow Fungus Vegetable Salad ❄️ A Veganuary Khmer-ibbean Dish For Hive Top Chef | Vegetarian 🥗

in Natural Medicine • 3 months ago

The smell must be amazing with all those mushrooms!
Btw. do you have a recipe for those sweet potato peanut rolls you made for us? I would like to try making it.


Oh sorry for last reply, yesterday Justin asked me about that. Do you make it already? !ENGAGE 20

No, I haven't made it yet.
If you could send it to me that would be nice.
But take your time, we are not in a hurry to try it.


Awesome! Thank you!

Oh, I am sorry I think myself, Justin send my post to you already because he asked me about post sweet photos rolls yesterday.

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