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It looks as good as you describe it. I have been looking for interesting dishes that uses tamarind and I also have some yellow wax pepper seedlings. So I'm bookmarking this post for when those finally go to fruit :)

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Give thanks @rarej, you're rep score is rapidly increasing, you're doing things right on Hive. Keep posting and commenting and you'll hit 60 in no time.

Tamarind is a hell of a hard ingredient to find in Suriname. Sometimes we go for months without being able to get any, but of course we don't have any kind of transportation like most Surinamers, so we are limited to Zonnebloem Markt and the Chinese stores around Bechaniestraat.


Thanks for the encouragement πŸ‘Š

I know the fresh kind is hard to find, so I bought the pre-made paste instead for now, because I couldn't wait to try a Thai recipe I had found. I don't go out much nowadays, but if I ever see some tamarind I will keep you and your family in mind. How do I contact you?

Look me up in Discord if you have it. My username is justinparke#6262 .

After we connect there, I can give you my WhatsApp or local cell #.

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