Cycle Delics In Natures Embrace: Eternity In Nine Grains Of Sand

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Before We Begin

Although this post is a departure from my recent output; in view of what I'm working on and for those with an eye to see, this is one of the most conspiratorial posts I've ever written. Before we begin regular readers may note; I have previously taken a great deal of time to expose the nefarious use of psychedelic substances (like lsd) within mind control and social engineering, and I stand by every single one of those words. That said, in the right settings/friends and treated with a healthy dose of respect and direction I do also feel (for certain people) that their use can provide valuable insights. Right are you ready? Let's go!


Psychedelics With Nature

I must have been about 15 when I first surfed the resplendent resonance of the reality wave. On that day, cushioned within nature’s warm embrace, lost and found amidst the metaphysical murmurations, potent pulsations and psychological permeations of the psychedelic experience, I began to breathe, I breathed with nature. As the veil lifted I started to observe a deeper layer of beauty and intricacy that had previously been obscured by the cluttered fog of my mind's eye.

An objective beauty that exists beyond our subjective interpretations of the world and the perceptual limitations born of our disconnection from the natural order, a sleight of hand that keeps us enslaved to mundanity, modernity, and collective insanity. Indeed, the rat race is the antithesis of reality and the psychedelic experience enables us to obtain glimpses of a deeper truth, to peer beyond the unreality curtain and comprehend the nature of eternity.

Do the kaleidoscopic fractals that suggestively dance across our eyelids hint at the nature of the eternal process? Can we observe these self similar correlations in the world around us? As the high dosage of mushrooms began to work their magic, I stood mesmerised by a grace and grandeur that remains elusive to those without the eyes to perceive and shrouded by the fast paced nature of our daily lives. The deeper I looked and the further I travelled the more I noticed; the geometric patterns of trees, leaves, flowers, and plants, and the symmetric elegance of the insects, birds and animals.

The babbling brook metamorphosing into an analogy of my life, the universe as an interplay between vibratory frequency, the murmurating reverberations of solidified illusions, the fractal nature of branches mirrored by the exposure of ancient roots systems, mimicked by the lightning that streaks across our sky, and imitated by the veinal structures of our lungs, the blood vessels of our eyes duplicated by the study of leaf structure, all nudging me towards a deeper layer of observational comprehension.

The primordial formations of stars and galaxies, a geometric dance relayed through the geometry of nature. Quantum wave mechanics manifesting cymatic geometric patterns, geometric reality codes broken down into numerical sequences. The fibonacci sequence of the (third eye) pineal gland, to the soul searching complexity of our eyes that speak to our inner universe. I contemplate, if life is a mirror then does the psychedelic experience offer a transient opportunity to gaze upon our reflection?

Certainly, there are aspects of these experiences that are conjured through the magic of mind. Equally, does the combination of black hole pupils that enable a broader interpretation of the field of light spectrum and the alteration of brain chemistry overide the reducing function of the brain? My subsequent research has led me to believe the validity of this assumption.


Whilst it has been many years since I indulged in entheogenic enlightenment, my psychedelic safaris birthed a level of awareness that has never left my side. I went away and thought about our synergy with nature, and I’ve been thinking about it for some time. As I sit underneath this sun-speckled oak tree, the sands of time in my hand and eternity on my mind, these thoughts bubble back to the surface.

Into The Forest

How many of us pause to consider the power and majesty of our symbiotic connection to the trees and the oxygen that we so lazily take for granted. The forest that exists in harmony with life, a synergism that from our tentative first breath to our dying gasps, gifts air to our lungs, oxygenating our muscles, and cleansing our minds. The forest environment emitting phytoncides, aerosol molecules that we absorb through our skin, inhale into our lungs, journeying ever deeper to penetrate our blood brain barriers.

Different trees emit different types of phytoncides, some have been shown to elevate the activity of our immune systems killer cells, whilst others raise our levels of intracellular anticancer proteins. The company of trees bestowing immune system boosting properties, bequeathing depression alleviating qualities, and intracellular porosities; the symphony of natures silent theologies awakening a mind’s eye of extrasensory illuminosities.


The Root Of The Issue

The harmonious unions between tree root systems and fungi (mycelium) are known as mycorrhizae. The roots system and the fungi cohesively collaborating to create an intelligent network that exchanges both information and resources; a living biological internet whose complexity and awareness far surpasses the self-perceived cutting edge of technological advancement. The behaviour/proliferation of the root system is governed by its mycorrhizae symbiosis; fungal interactions, and a network of intelligence and awareness. A biological network comprising of links and nodes, the trees as nodes that are collaboratively linked to the neural networks of the mycelium brain.

The Mother trees of the forest community use this network to feed water, nutrients, and chemically relay information to the broader forest community. The matriarchal giants of the forest environment aid the growth of young saplings and care for elderly, damaged, and dying root systems. Pause to consider the evolution of neurotransmitters sharing resources and evolving beyond the simplistic fallacies and social limitations of Darwin’s “survival of the fittest.” Trees relaying chemical signals, language and sounds, reacting to pain and chemically warning of danger to the forest environment.

The defense chemistry of a threatened forest alters its composition, even emitting a smell that hyper sensitive animals can perceive and then appropriately alter their behavioural patterns. If we were still attuned to do so, we too could smell the defensive chemistry of a forest that was under attack, sense the impending danger. Whilst with modern sound technology, by measuring tree acoustics there is a growing revelation that sounds are being emitted that exist beyond the limitations of human auditory perception. Even the clipping of leaves alters neurochemistry and acts as a prelude to rapid information exchanges.

A sense of awareness; old trees are able to tell which seedlings are born of their own seed and then nurture then accordingly, altering their behaviour in ways that give advantages to their saplings. Such observations arise from what are called “choice experiments”; by suppressing the health of recipient seedlings scientists have recorded that the Mother tree will provide extra resources, fluctuate levels of shade, nitrogen, and water as a way of compensating for difficult growing conditions. Of course whilst this is a new scientific frontier, anyone with a modicum of knowledge will understand that indigenous tribes have been speaking to the spiritual essence/awareness of plants, trees, and forests, for thousands of years.


The Human Sunflower

The vast majority of all living things derive their life force through the photosynthesis of solar energy. Equally, the germicidal qualities of sunlight and the disinfectant abilities of air should not be underestimated. Within certain esoteric belief systems man was perceived as an inverted flower. Whilst the ascension of minerals through the flowers root system nourishes its leaves and branches, the spinal stem of the human body descends downwards to nourish the arms, legs and bodily organs.

Each cell within a human body possesses a positive and negative charge (magnetic field), and this goes for your brain cells. Each cell contains water and thus every cell also contains an electric current. An electrical charge in motion causes a magnetic field and equally the same observations arise in reverse. Every cell in your body produces an electrical charge of 1.4 volts, with approx 40 trillion cells in the human body this equates to 560 trillion volts.

The human brain is an electromagnetically charged system of bodily governance that is synchronised by its connection to the Schumann resonance; the pituitary and the pineal gland working to together to form the 3rd eye, one negative charge, one positive, (male & female). The sun = fire, the moon = water, sun radiating out = male, the moon as a magnetic attractor = female. Electromagnetic energy increasing when the sun and the moon are aligned, when masculine and feminine are balanced, and inwards when our brains polarities are harmonised. Think of a battery that requires both polarities to operate correctly.

The Schumann resonance brain synchronisation stabilises brainwave activity, an ELF modulated, radiating signal that is born of earthly and ionospheric energy resonances and solar correlations, symbiotically fusing with our brains diurnal and ELF rhythms. Cyclical changes in the Schumann resonance manifest within human health reverberations; resonantly absorbed by the brain, these fluctuations drive alterations to our serotonin and melatonin balance. Expanding outwards, the Schumann resonance frequency mutually connected with and modulated by solar activity.


Era’s of weakened or enhanced solar cycles are an overture to fluctuations within the Schumann resonance, which in turn alters our brain's melatonin/serotonin balance. These natural rhythms, energetic waves create a modulating effect on human health, cancer rates, mortality, and I contend cognition and conscious awareness. We are looking at a system of causal correlations between solar activity, human health, psychology, and I’ve come to believe seismic activity. As we enter into the grand solar minimum are we beginning to observe the social progeny of these cosmological concurrences?

The Human Body Calendar

On a day like today, new life breathed upon the earth, the dying embers of sunlight cascading through the trees and warming my skin; I consider the symbiosis between our minds, our subconscious awareness, and the passage of the months. When enveloped within nature's warm embrace we can observe how each month forms an alternating symbiosis with our psychological and biological processes. By observing the character of the changing months we can comprehend how these oscillations in the electromagnetic and field of light spectrums form a symbiotic dance with every aspect of our being.

Each season immediately relatable to psychological mind cycles, the female menstrual cycle, and onwards into the seasons of our lives that culminate in the winter of our life force. Pause to consider a vast interlocking equation of macro-micro causality that nudges us towards an ever deeper awareness and a comprehension, that becomes a driving force behind the direction of our soul journey.

Let’s expand upon these ideas, let’s consider the macro causality of the great year, a precessional cycle that is comprised of 25,772 earth years, one degree every 72 years, 7+2=9 (remember that number). The equinox falls upon a different constellation roughly every 2160 years, 12 constellations, 12 signs of the zodiac, 12 months of the calendar, 12 ribs in the human body, 12 bodily inorganic mineral salts, 12 cranial nerves that correlate with the 12 signs of the zodiac, and 12 DNA vector codes.

Each half-day comprises of 60 seconds x 60 minutes x 12 = 43200. If we multiply 43200 x 2 it = 86400, which is roughly (although this will vary in athletes etc) the number of times a human heart will beat in a single day. Ancient cultures believed that a turn of precession equated to 25,920 years, which when you divide by the ancient Babylonian base number "soss" (i.e 60) leaves us with the number 432. The Viking Eddas tell the story of the Day of Ragnarok, or the Doomsday of the Gods, on this day it is foretold that 800 Divine Warriors will emerge from the 540 Doors of Valhalla (800 x 540 = 432,000).


Vedic scriptures and mythology speak to how the universe is destined to pass through four huge epochs of creation and destruction. This divine cycle is known as a Kalpa, the Kalpa is comprised of a thousand Yuga cycles of four Yuga’s (A Yuga basically means an age) and each of these ages is profoundly different to the last. A complete macro Yuga cycle of four Yuga’s/ages (that we can correlate with the aforementioned micro earthly, menstrual, and life cycles/seasons) is said to take 4.32 million years and a Kalpa is said to consist of 4.32 billion years. Within this interpretation, each Yuga cycle is made up from 12,000 divine years (a divine year is 360 earth years) and thus 12,000 divine years x 360 = 4320000 human years.

Another interpretation is that each cycle is 12,000 human years. Whatever the perspective the 12,000 year (or 12,000 divine year) Yuga cycle still contains four sub-Yugas/ages/seasons. The Yuga principle elucidated by Sri Yukteswar states that Yuga cycles always come in pairs and have a short transitional period (Sandhis) in-between the two cycles.

Within this comprehension, we can observe 12,000 years (or divine years) of ascending light followed by a further 12,000 years of descending light. Including the transition between one pair to the next (the Sandhi) this would equate to roughly 24,000 years. When you look at our 24 hour day you will see that it is a microcosm of the Vedic understanding of the great year. Our 24 hour clocks contain 12 hours of ascending light and 12 hours of descending light, the micro within macro cycles.

The Nine Waves Of Creation & God's Heartbeat

In terms of resonance we can also consider 432 hertz, equally 4+3+2 brings us back to the aforementioned number 9. The ancient Pyramid of Kukulkan at Chichén Itzá was built as a calendar, consisting of four stairways each containing 91 steps and a platform at the top, this makes a total of 365, and of course, there are 365 days in a calendar year.

The pyramid also has the number nine woven into its construct. Chichén Itzá is a nine level pyramid and during equinoxes the shadows create an illusion where the great feathered serpent "Kukulcan" travels down to the base of the pyramid to touch a wall carved representation of its own head. The Hebrew letter Teth (T) means serpent and represents secret spiritual intelligence, interestingly this number also has a numerical value of nine. Teth is also written as Tet and it is the ninth letter of the Semitic abjads, this includes Phoenician Ṭēt, Syriac Ṭēṯ, Aramaic Ṭēth, Hebrew Ṭēt.


The nine levels of the pyramid are symbolic of the Mayan's nine waves of creation. The undulating movement of the serpent’s spine indicative of the waveform that manifests itself in both creation and destruction. The sixth wave is known as the long count and is related to the historically correlated rise and fall of civilisation. As highlighted in the image above, the sevens peaks of civilisation are displayed within the seven triangles of light on the serpents back.

If we were to correlate our current age against the pyramidical shadow of the serpent, we are heading downwards, out of the seventh age, and towards the serpent's head. At this point, we can juxtapose this quantum wave measurement against the biblical seven-headed beast of revelation. We also have the bibles seven trumpets (sound vibration) that will signal the end of days. Equally, Revelation 15:6: “Out of the temple came the seven angels with the seven plagues". Are we looking at different (numerically coded) interpretations of the same impending events? A numerical reality code interwoven and interconnecting all ancient cultures and religions.

Spinning through time, immersed within the psychedelic experience (as the walls begin to breathe and solidified structure begins to deconstruct itself) we're potentially enabled a visible glimpse into the nature of this perceptual state of flux/ movement. On the micro scale; observationally we can comprehend this concept through the oscillation of our breath, the pendulum of the tide, health, psychology, and the social expansion/constriction exhibited throughout the age of empires.

image.png Source

The regenerative, deconstructive nature of the reality waveform/nine waves of creation is of keen interest to myself and the development of some of my ideas. As a child I set out to ask explore the truth of our world and the nature of reality; in my formative years I deliberately neglected to research (apart from the religious teachings of my school/church etc) other belief systems and philosophical interpretations. I approached these questions from this perspective in an attempt to maintain a semblance of intuition and a purity of ideas that were untainted by a billion interpretations and teachings, an organic evolution of thought.

From an internal and observational standpoint (that latterly included experimentation with psychedelics) I arrived at the concept of God's heartbeat. Whilst I have included this concept in my early #steemit writings, I will add a brief explanation. On the macro universal scale, the rising and falling motion of the reality waveform is akin to a heartbeat (observed on a monitor) that is perpetually held between positive and negative polarities, a vibratory sliding scale and an eternal struggle whose fluctuation brings life to the universe.

The movement of the heartbeat the driving force behind cycles of change. Indeed, as displayed in the pairing of the yuga cycle we have 12,000 years ascending light, followed by 12,000 years descending light, the pendulum powering the cycle. Similar concepts, different perspectives.


Once I began to research ancient belief systems, the Hermetic concepts of inertia, and occultic interpretations of intelligent Electricity, I was amazed at the correlations between my own internal perspectives. Whilst further elucidation is outside the remit of this post; over time I have come to believe there was an ancient culture (lost to the mists of time) that harnessed positive Electricity as a tool to elevate the awareness of humanity, and that we now have a system that is using it's low vibrational negative antithesis (and the technology that they derive from it) to enslave and limit us.

At the cusp of this shift of ages; consider how a control structure could utilise an ancient occultic/scientific knowledge relating to the perpetual dichotomies of regeneration and destruction, chaos and order, and the manipulation of positive and negative polarities, to their advantage.

Eternity In Nine Grains Of Sand

Let's continue on this numerical journey into nature and natural law and see where the aforementioned number nine takes us. By bisecting a circle i.e 360 degrees, we find that the resulting angle always reduces to nine and eventually results in a singularity.

For example 360 degrees = 3 + 6 = 9:
180 degrees = 1 + 8 = 9:
90 degrees = 9 + 0 = 9:
45 degrees = 4 + 5 = 9; and so we could continue until the singularity.

We find the reverse of this concept within the sum of angles in regular polygons

For example 60 degrees x 3 = 180 degrees & 1 + 8 = 9:
90 degrees x 4 = 360 degrees 3+6+0 = 9:
108 degrees x 5 = 540 degrees 5+4+0 =9, and so on.

The number 9 is both the singularity and the vacuum, both existent and non-existent in the same time space.

If you add the minutes of the day together they will equal 9, i.e 1440 minutes 1+4+4+0=9.

The sum of all digits (excluding 9) is 36 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8 = 36 then 3+6 = 9. Nine plus any digit returns to the same digit, i.e 9+6 = 15 then 1+5=6. Take any number and multiply it by 9 and the sum will always equal 9, i.e 9 X 8 = 72, then 7+2 = 9. Take any number and subtract it by the sum of itself and it will equal 9, i.e 55 – 10 = 45 then 4+ 5 = 9.

The number nine is connected to the sacred number 108, consisting of a combination of the 9 heavenly bodies (moon, sun, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Saturn, the North Node and the South Node.) and the 12 houses of the Zodiac, equating to 12 times 9 = 108. The distance between the earth and sun = 108 times sun diameter, the distance between the earth and moon = 108 times moon diameter, the diameter of the sun = 108 times the earth's diameter. The number nine also contains the numerical qualities of both truth (truth in Hebrew is emet which has a numerical value of 9) and eternity.

Like the number 9, the psychedelic experience hints that eternity exists concurrently with the hours, minutes, and seconds that we use to structure our lives. As the seconds pass as hours, and hours dissipate with the passage of seconds, I contemplate that there is no time, there is only now, and now is the time to free ourselves from our enslavement to the clock.


Back In The Body

Nine months of pregnancy; spinning through eternity the Tibetan book of the dead teaches that my soul is drawn into my body on the 49th day of gestation. Scientifically it is on the 49th day that the pineal gland becomes visible and enriches my brain with a primordial flood of DMT, which at a molecular level shares a seratonin symbiosis with the psilocybin mushrooms I've consumed. On the 49th day my embryo becomes my fetus and my gender is determined. Now we can comprehend the reasoning behind the Buddhists 49 day funeral ceremony.

49: 4 X 9 = 36 then 3 + 6 = 9. Of course the numbers 369 draw us into the world of Nikola Tesla and the deeper layers of vibration, energy and frequency, but that's a post in itself.

Nurtured in the womb, flashes of past lives help me to remember that the saltwater environment in which I am now immersed, is akin to the ocean upon which I once sailed. Rescued from the oil slicked waters of war; I recall that on the beaches of Normandy doctors saved my life by using seawater in a blood transfusion.


Born into the light and now reborn upon the forest floor, suddenly I’m back. Once again I find myself surrounded by majestic trees and the geometric construct of plants & flowers, eyes open, heart beating, and blood pumping. At one with nature I begin contemplating the molecular replications of plant chlorophyll and human blood; symbiotic relationships and molecular mimicry. Our lifeblood (not blood type) is individual to each person; our vibratory resonance dictating that upon crystallisation your blood transforms into individualistic geometric patterns, the story of the soul encoded in the blood of man.

Heart Resonance

After listening to and contemplating the resonance of my beating heart I learned of the fractal nature of its sound and waveform. I saw how doctors could zoom into the smallest micro section/resonance of a heart and compare it to the macro original beat. By concentrating on the micro aspect, the doctors are able to observe if it contains certain fractal architecture signatures that are indicative of a healthy heart. Equally, if the fractal pattern of a heart can be used to determine the health of a heart then what does my own heart tell me about the universe? What does my body tell me about the nature of our reality?

The body containing all the functions of and in perfect symbiosis with nature. Every process, law, star, and element within the terrestrial and universal cycle directly correlated with biological functions, every process represented by a corresponding action within the human body. Like the fractal signature of the heart, our bodies are a fractal representation of God’s creation. We could consider the body clock as a cog that is intimately connected to the macro causalities of a vibrational reality. A consciousness ecosystem that is constantly and consistently searching for balance, our current state of imbalance manifested through mind, expressed within the unbalanced nature of the social order and demonstrated through our interactions with each other and our mother earth.

As I became more proficient in directing, focusing and learning how to walk through this hallucinogenic hall of mirrors, I began to realise that I was experiencing degrees of ESP and higher levels of intuition, I could synchronise with aspects of my fellow psychonauts deliberations and read their emotional state. Like a Vulcan mind meld our thoughts would become transiently fused, experiences and reflections shared without being verbalised. Conscious awareness existing on the periphery of the body and channelled through the metaphysical multiplicity of mind.

Over the passage of years I've harnessed aspects of this ability and come to the conclusion that it derives from being able to read the electromagnetic waveform of the heart. Each heartbeat emits an electromagnetic pulse that carries your emotional state and your intent, and we each have the ability to read this resonance. That doesn't mean you can read people’s minds and pluck their thoughts from the ether, but if attuned to do so you can pick up upon the truth hidden within their heart essence/intent. A "bad vibe" in an entirely literal sense.


Soil Symbiosis

Eyes wide open and fingers clawing at the mud onto which I have been delivered; born of dust we now separate ourselves from the dirt whose symbiotic dance has gifted us an immune system. For millennia dirt born germs, organisms, and viruses that infect bacteria, have been ingested by those that understand the nature of soil and the value of getting your hands dirty. We are each an aspect of an interdependent ecosystem and biological interplay between our bodies and the ground upon which we walk, and the food we grow.

Soil viruses influencing the ecology of the soil’s biological communities, transferring genes from host to host and the cause that affects microbial mortality. Viruses not as the enemy but as a driving force behind global geochemical cycles, a key component behind the concentration of nutrients and gases.

Soil microcrobes (the ones we destroy through “modern” farming methods) directly communicating with our cells and boosting the nutrient content of our food. Like the Schumann resonance effect on our brains, soil bacteria like Mycobacterium vaccae are believed to possess immune system modulating and mood altering properties. We can consider a shared co-evolution that enables soil bacterium to communicate with and influence the health of our bodily cells. Like the aforementioned tree root system and mycelium symbiosis, the underground interactions between soil microbes and the root system of plants speak to a deeper layer of complexity and collaboration.

Plants secrete compounds that feed soil microbes, in return the microbes help the plants to capture essential nutrients and manufacture antioxidants. Paying it forward, the antioxidants stimulate our immune systems, regulate our hormones, and impede the growth of cancerous cells. Indeed, our imbalance with the natural order and the laws of nature carry far broader implications than many have the ability to consider.


The General Consensus Is The Hallucination

Through the study of nature we discern that we're observing a singular action that our "educated" minds have shattered into a compartmentalised, unconnected multiplicity of processes. Much like the wisdom of childhood candour, the truth is found in the lucidity that simplicity is the gateway to multiplicity. The trees, plants, the passage of the seasons, the sun, the soil, cellular health, biological functions, and conscious awareness are born of one breath. Alas, as we awaken to the interconnected nature of our being this awareness is being utilised as a means to cultivate the hive mind of the general consensus.

Whilst the psychedelic experience whispers the premise of a deeper truth, convention and the group dynamic exist as the phantasms of an externally manufactured mindset. In reality, the social construct prevails as a socially engineered hallucination and our collective insanity is what masquerades as sanity. Our conscious awareness is conceptualised, indoctrinated, manipulated, and anchored in place by targeted symbology, political ideologies, job titles, and all the externally downloaded self definitions that we allow to define our internal experience.

Neurosis is the antithesis of awareness, hence the neurotic structure of the modern mindset and our predetermined consensus reality is a collective and collaborative delusion that is woven together through fear , anxiety and false assumptions. By going out of our minds there are elements of the experience that enable a glimpse into an objective sanity, a transient escape from the confines of the reality prison, and an opportunity to see through he superficiality of the illusion. In an infinite reality we are limited only by the finite nature of our downloaded unreality, psychiatric fallacies a prison that will increasingly dictate that thought deviations are aspects of insanity.

Well worth watching.

Final Thoughts

How do you write the warmth of the summer rain? Can the nature of spirituality and eternity ever be wholly elucidated through the limitations of finite and definitive words? Do you understand the validity of thinking with sentience not sentence? Do you ever search for those deeper layers of self/intuition that refuse to be constrained by the subjective metaphorical mind maze of weaponised language? Perhaps our greatest lessons can never be taught for at some level they are already felt/known. This doesn't mean that you need to indulge in psychedelics to search for these hidden layers of comprehension, and neither should you rely on them as a philosophical/spiritual crutch.

Personally, my experiences helped me to see through the smoke and mirrors of my internal dialogue and observe a deeper layer of self, complexity, sychronicity, and a beauty that objectively exists, but remains shrouded by subjective perceptions of our myself, yourself, ourselves, the world and the nature of reality. Whilst I have used my psychedelic recollections to weave together this narrative thread; with an enquiring mind, would I have come to comprehend my symbiosis with natural law without this shortcut? Most certainly! And these substances are definitely not for everyone.

The entheogenic experiences of my youth awakened a deeper awareness of my connection to nature, but the hard work, research and cognisance arrived in the years and decades following the reverberation of the experience. The trip provides a transiently glimpsed shortcut to the destination, just make sure you don't get lost along the way.

One More Thing

Although I’ve just scratched the surface, only when you wholly comprehend the divine majesty of our connection to the natural process do you observe the idiocracy of those we herald as the greatest minds of our time. With transhumanists like Ray Kurzwell, Ben Goertzel, and proclaimed visionaries like Elon Musk (who seek to ”upgrade our operating system” and merge our minds with A.I) intellect has triumphed over wisdom and awareness. Alas, they appear content to externalise their ignorance as humanities inferiority. Make of it what you will; to my mind, our greatest discoveries lay in the awakening of what we have forgotten, not the allure of what we’re being pushed towards.

You can find the spiritual prequel to this post HERE

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, until my next time, I will leave you to decide who has the perceptualflaws.



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I've downloaded this onto Insta paper so I can read it again tomorrow on the plane home. Stunning psychonautic musings that take me places. I always was grateful for mushrooms to unveil the heart of the world.

The deeper I looked and the further I travelled the more I noticed; the geometric patterns of trees, leaves, flowers, and plants, and the symmetric elegance of the insects, birds and animals.

This is how I've felt on all those wanderings through the woods and valleys and meadows the last three months. There were words I needed but the earth was sparking up through the diaphragm of my feet and the language was in the thrum of my blood and the murmer of the arterial waterways that flowed along with it.

I feel we would have all the answers to what comes next if we could just remember what we really are.

Thanks for this stunning post.

Thank you for the kind words my friend .. I really appreciate it and I'm glad you enjoyed the post .. I wanted it to be a bit of a journey, a breath to a heartbeat and into eternity. :)

There is indeed something so special about the English countryside .. and this is a bit of a love letter to the hills, forests, and valleys of my youth. The sense of history and connection to something deeper than ourselves, in these moments so close you could almost reach out and touch it. I have a profound sense that we need to collectively look to the past .. not rush towards an uncertain future. Certainly remembrance of who we are is a key component within that. Thanks again my friend

I went into the woods this morning and cried with the sorrow of leaving. I understood this post so much. Xx

Once the landscape captures your heart it never really let's go. I wish you safe travels .. parting is indeed sweet sorrow, but I'm sure you'll return during happier times .. and that we'll find the time to enjoy that walk together. Speak soon X

yes we need to remember who we are and what we are capable of xxxxx

although I have not taken the journey with the psychedelics I am becoming more atune to nature, communing with nature and feeling the joy and wonder from being present!
Wonderful post to help with the awakening!
Thank-you for sharing your journey of discovery and research!

Thank you for the kind words @porters .. I really wanted to keep this post open for people that hadn't taken psychedelics, and to offer an alternative look at our connection to an environment we too often take for granted .. hence I'm really happy you were able to take something away from my writing. Thanks again!

Another GEM, love this post,

Of course the numbers 369 draw us into the world of Nikola Tesla and the deeper layers of vibration, energy and frequency, but that's a post in itself.

Last year I had the pleasure of reading Tesla's autobiography: My Inventions
In the book, he describes his obsession with 3,6,9 and how it affected all aspects of his life by, specifically living by its principles.

For instance, Tesla would walk around a building 3 times before entering, cleaned his dishes with 18 napkins and would only stay in hotel rooms (i think he lived in hotels most of his adult life) that were divisible by 3!


Also, psychedelics have had a profound affect on my life and hopefully I'll get around to writing about it in the near future ;)

Thanks again, much respect

Thank you my friend .. I really appreciate the support and kind words. I too have looked into Tesla's obsession around the numbers 3,6,9 and the fact that he died on the 33rd floor .. which also has many other connections, including (in relation to this post) the 33rd vertebrae of the human spine that leads to the seat of enlightenment .. the human mind. From memory, I think there is some kind of connection between Tesla and Trumps uncle .. but I'll have to double check.

I look forward to reading your perspectives .. your posts are always of the highest standard and quality!! Thanks again my friend. :)

The connection to Trump's uncle is that I believe after Tesla's passing, Trump's uncle came into possession of Tesla's belongings, experiments, research, papers, etc.
"Came into" may not be the correct term, some might say he stole Tesla's work? What has been done with this research and knowledge is anybody's guess.

Thanks for the explanation .. yes I remember now. I certainly feel that elements of Tesla's work have been stolen and incorporated into black budget projects .. the hidden files have now reportedly been released for public consumption, but I contend many will never see the light of day.

Wow this post, your writing and the way you presented it, the time and huge effort you put into creating it, I really appreciate it so much. Life is all about remembering who we are and we have been buried under layers of conditioning that it does take the help of some substances to bring us back to ourselves, to the core of our connection to self and nature. You took me on such a beautiful trip with this post, reconnecting all over again, reinforcing what I know, I can't thank you enough for that my friend. Much love to you and that beautiful brain of yours and for helping to rewild us all xxx

Thank you for the kind words my friend, I wanted to write it as a bit of journey so I'm happy it wook you on one. :)

I really do feel that it's incredibly important that people rediscover who they are, their connection to nature, and their place in all this .. reclaim their inner power as opposed to externalising their fears. There is something incredibly powerful born of the comprehension/realisation of our connection to nature, a voice many have grown deaf to .. but one we very much need to hear. I'm not saying people need to do psychedelics .. i am saying we need to do some serious soul searching. Thanks again my friend. :)

Thank you @artemislives


Beautiful post, I wish I could see nature in this way.

Thank you my friend .. I'm glad you enjoyed it. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. :)


In the following picture, guess how many generations were productive of the differences between the two pigs. Three? Six? Nine?

PigGenetics  Copy.PNG

In fact there are none. The pigs are littermates, but were raised in different temperatures. Epigenetics is just beginning to be noted as the way we use our DNA in response to environmental conditions. The genes we inherit are just the stones of which our temples are built. It is how we arrange them that determines the form our temples take.

The influences of the wind, the sun, the forest, and the sea are no less formative than our parents, teachers, or peers on who we become and what we know. We are so much more than we can grasp in our little minds that I have become ever more aware of my nescience of me, the world, and my place in it as I get older and learn more about those things. What I have learned is that the more I know, the more I know I don't know.

Even so, all we can use to decide what we will do is what we know. I reckon it is far better to know I don't know and to be naive than to know what isn't so and be wrong. I might always be able to learn what I don't know, as long as I don't know what is untrue and preclude learning.

When I approach your posts with an open mind, I always learn something.


Hey my friend .. I hope you've been keeping well?

Thank you for that, fascinating and I couldn't agree more.

The genes we inherit are just the stones of which our temples are built. It is how we arrange them that determines the form our temples take.

And yet to this day .. modern medicine portrays us as victims of circumstance (the luck of the draw) slaves to the choices of our ancestors, whose inherent weaknesses and ill health proclivities are handed down from generation to generation. When you begin to really research the foundations of many of our societal pillars, medicine, education, psychiatry etc etc (and indeed who funded/directed them) you begin to realise that many aspects of that we have taken for granted, are built upon foundations of sand. Certainly, I consider that the scale of this deception exists at a layer beyond our comprehension.

Equally, as you say .. the more you know, the more you know you don't know .. and that many aspects of what you thought you did know have become irrelevant. At the same time, I feel a sense of freedom in knowing that (in the great scheme of things) I know nothing .. in being able to admit that to myself, to say it aloud.

Even so, all we can use to decide what we will do is what we know. I reckon it is far better to know I don't know and to be naive than to know what isn't so and be wrong. I might always be able to learn what I don't know, as long as I don't know what is untrue and preclude learning.

Veritas .. an open mind and a sense of humility is key .. thank you for the thought-provoking comment @valued-customer

Gah! Dunno why I cannot post the pic. Here's the video I clipped it from:

The image is at 39:10, if you find it preferable to just see it, rather than watch an hour of video.

I love your term "psychedelic safaris" 😆

I have been changed and deeply healed through the use of psychedelics and I think it's time the natural medicine world embraced this. I love how it blurs the edges for people in end of life care, and releases their fear - knowing that they ARE already one with all that is.

Your Hive user name is just perfect. 😍 Following you - please post more.

Thank you for the mind words and support @artemislives .. I really appreciate it.

As an empathic child, my latter use of psychedelics helped me to dismantle the self protective wall I had built around myself .. to access those deeper layers of emotion that I had subconsciously buried within thyself .. and for that I will always be eternally grateful. I have also heard about their use within end of life care .. a shower for the soul, helping cleanse away those fears and worries that have become interwoven with the materialist western mindset.

Thank you again my friend .. my recent output has been more conspiratorial in nature and I still have a couple of posts to finish, but then I have lots of beautiful ideas I want to explore. :)

Interesting post...I've probably done more than most so, I, too, know what I'm talking about. I don't disagree with what you've said here, per se, but, the framing is a tad on the positive side of assessment.
Everything you've described could be the result of a flawed Demiurge. As beautiful as it is it's still deeply flawed.
I agree, though, that the archons are using technology and not subverting physics via supernaturalism...So they are manipulating the natural world against humanity in entirely natural ways.

Hey dude, I hope you've been keeping well?

the framing is a tad on the positive side of assessment

Ha you can trust that I have my fair share of wild recollections , but now is not the time.

I was a sensitive/empathic child who (due to the brutal reality of many aspects of this world) had built a self protective emotional wall around myself, I became quite cold, distant, and disconnected .. I wanted this post to capture how the psychedelic experience enabled me to dismantle that wall and rediscover my place amongst the natural order.

Equally, with the nature of this post .. I have planned it to have a shadow twin that will go into the concept of disconnection, together they will represent both positive and negative polarities. Thanks again. :)

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Thank you @c-squared

My goodness this is such a packed post, well done! I would definitely say I align with, have observed, and/or experienced many of the insights and learning in this post.

While we each have our own 'perspective' to the experience of the journey, we are all existing in and interacting with the cosmic medium. The scales/levels of this fractal experience are infinite in all vectors, yet none isolated from the whole. So ride those spirals in and out for who knows where they may lead.

Thank you my friend .. really glad you enjoyed the post.

While we each have our own 'perspective' to the experience of the journey, we are all existing in and interacting with the cosmic medium.

Exactly, direct experience all that way .. I have a feeling we're not here for a uniform of thought. lol Let people follow their path .. and we'd all be walking the yellow brick road. Thanks again! :)