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God afternoon, everyone.

I just have a quick post about what happened yesterday and even before how many times I was burned while cooking. There were times that I accidentally hold a hot casserole or frying pan. And the most painful of all base to my experienced when I was burned with the boiling oil while frying foods.

It's my habit to be very quick in my move. I want to finish all that I'm on time. Sometimes I met disgraced when the oil splashed to my hand's skin.inbound2718700744288545521.jpg

Yesterday, while frying samosa for our breakfast, the boiled oil dropped to my hand. It was so painful and it became red. But I remember what the mother of my lady boss told me to used ionized salt and put directly to the affected area on time. I put my saliva to the red affected skin and covered it with a lot of salt.```inbound391001957016692474.jpg

The oil was so hot, then when I put the samosa to the oil, I accidentally dropped it. It was so painful and I thought it caused big damage to my finger.

What a big surprised, today my hand skin has no trace of being burned yesterday.

I'm just sharing my simple tips if in case, you meet the same accidents like this. I did it many times.

Thank you for my brief post today. I know, we need some natural way as @naturalmedicine as first aid.

I hope you like it and have a nice afternoon from Saudi Arabia.

Today is our 10th day of fasting in the month of Ramadan. It is also a kind of natural healing and cleansing to our body and soul. There's no food and water after the sunrise and focus more on meditation. There's no food and water before the sunset and continue meditating.

My hand burned yesterday because I was frying our food.

Thank you @naturalmedicine. I hope people will know the natural benefits of salt and this is one of those ways of medication.

Hive on!


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