The damaging effect of too much water on my veggies // i was rather shocked to find out that too much water can cause plant to lose colour

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Sometimes, the beauty of a green plants is in their greeny colour, seeing them all green means the plant is doing just fine and its chlorophyll, the pigment responsible for its green colour is doing just fine, but most times even with all the efforts put into this, the plant leafs turns out to be yellow which is known as chlorosis, this anomaly means that the plant chlorophyll has been hampered either by insects or pest, improper soil ph,poor drainage or not supplying water to the plants at all, also it could be the plant lacking necessary nutrients like nitrogen, magnesium, iron or potassium





For those that have been following me and my posts closely, would probably remember about this particular garden of mine which i made along the river bank, i was able to make use of the water flowing from the river into my garden, little did i know that it might later be risky on my veggies. as the leaves are seen decolourizing, turning into yellow

What are the causes of yellow leaves in vegetables





Apart from pests and diseases attack on veggies, another causes of this yellowish colour is too much water or too little water. Inotherwords, poor water drainage system or inadequate watering,

In the case of my garden, The issue has been poor drainage, overly wet soil because of the river that passes through the garden, the plants root are suffocated with water, while they stopped delivering the required nutrients to the soil,

How to prevent & fix water issues of the plant;

Figuring out the root cause of the problem at early stage will be a lot better, before more damage is being done on the plant, while i noticed the change in colour of my vegetables, i was thinking they are lacking in nutrients so instead i was busy adding some organic manure to them and protecting them from direct exposure to sunlight. Of course i did everything i could to correct this before i found out that the problem is as a result of poor drainage and bad soil

  • To prevent or fix this;
    Make sure you are planting in a well drained soil, For those that are planting inside a mobile seedbed, it is advisable to plant in a container that is porous and has a good drainage.

  • avoid watering the soil all the time, it is always good to allow the soil to slightly dried up before watering, too much water will not allow the plant necessary nutrients just in the case of my garden, planting where water accumulates or on water logged soil is not quite helpful to the plant

possible solutions;

In this case, the best solution for me will be to harvest the vegetable while i treat the soil so as to be used for another planting and also to find a way to channel out the accumulated water.


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