Keeping up with the garden - Identifying different veggies at day 12

Here I am looking at the amount of efforts, energy and time put into this gardening.
Like i do said in my previous posts, i want my garden to be a kind of goto like a supermarket for any kind of green leafy veggies, while i had some vegetables towards the last winter consumed and some sold, for the new planting season, am starting to add some more veggies especially those i did not have before.

I will not hesitate to share with you all on how i've been coping having my garden, especially with this sets of veggies i planted some 12 days ago

To cut the long story short, these are red pigments african spinach, 12 days old. So far so good, have been really impressed with their growth, considering i only did start the process from the mobile seed bed.
There is uniformity in the growths. And no insects and pests attacks so far


Although there seems not to be enough space in the seed bed but i did manage to space out the veggies, to avoid over-crowding and suffocating the plants. Unlike the tree or rooted plants, vegetables are very delicate and not as strong as those, there should be some space for air and water to circulate.

  • Another thing i do is watering of the plant just once, and maybe sometimes twice, but it is important i wet them in the morning, this is to keep the soil moist and not water logged, too much water on veggies will wash away the nutrients and deprive them of necessary air,
    Only expose veggies to early morning sun and not the afternoon sun. In my own case to avoid carrying down every now and then, i provide shield for them when the weather becomes harsh.

was able to identify this kind of vegetables because i did plant it separately in a seed bed, it is important to find a way of Identifying these leafs even while they are young

Here's another veggie as identified, it is a red bonnet pepper plant, also at day 12, planted on a seed bed and still observed until its safe to transplant


Same techniques used here as well too


Thank you for keeping up with me, going through my last planting together, until next time i come your way, stay blessed and do well to practice planting.

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thanks for sharing. Also agree on the need to pay attention to how much water plants get- not too much but just enough. I tend to plant my seeds too thick sometimes, and then they get crowded and I have to thin them.

You are very disciplined when it comes to taking care of your herbs. I would love to see more photos from other angles to better appreciate these beauties. It is important to be careful with the climate, where I live it is very hot and sometimes some plants that I would like to keep die because of the high temperature. But, everything is a matter of learning.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful experience with us. It is a pleasure to have you here. Blessings.


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Thanks for your kind words, i wil sure capture those angles next time to further showed out the veggies.
Nigeria also has a very hot climate, what i do is that i make shield/shade for the plants and make sure the soil are constantly wet. Goodluck to you too in whatever you do!
Stay blessed

I love the care and attention you put in to growing your vegetable garden. Don't worry about the overcrowding. Some people believe it is good to sow lots of seeds in one area and allow nature to work out which are the strong plants and let the weak ones die off. There are a few good youtube videos about this.

You are so right about the water. Have you looked into way that can make watering more efficient for you and take less time? Maybe a drip feed by recycling plastic bottles?

Lovely post and it's good to see your garden thriving. 💚🤗

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