Lotus Garden Newsletter for Homesteaders. 5th May 2021

It's lovely to see the homesteading and gardening tags buzzing with lots of great content. This week's newsletter has taken me a lot longer than usual as I got lost along the way reading all those wonderful posts, then had to try and pick just four to share! Content has been flying to curators left right and centre, with the help of three other curators in the Natural Medicine community. Thank you lovelies, if you're reading this. You know who you are. 💚


Things happening in the community.

It's a new month, which means it's time for the Garden Journal Challenge with @riverflows again! What's been happening in your garden lately?


Don't forget about this week's plant powered cooking challenge in the @naturalmedicine community.

Some highlights of the week

I often wonder why we seem to battle nature in traditional gardening. Here @adetorrent gives us a little tour of his garden and compares how he's fallen behind in what nature achieves.


There is a certain fascination for me in the miracle of seeds and how they develop into plants. So I was drawn to @cesarj21's post on collecting fruit and sowing the seeds with a view to growing his own hedges.

On the homestead everything tends to come into a cycle of renewal, so even what you wash your clothes in needs to be toxicity free to go back to the soil. Toxins aren't what you want to be wearing, either, so here @buckaroobaby shares a laundry powder recipe that will have you loving your laundry.

We'll finish we a more edible recipe from @carolynstahl of Thai inspired stuffed sago balls. I wonder whether she'll be putting a recipe book together, because those pictures are amazing too!

Each week one of our featured authors will be selected to be a 5% beneficiary of The Lotus Garden newsletter. This week @buckaroobaby will receive this award.

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Wow. Wow. Wow!! Thank you so much @minismallholding and @naturalmedicine. It's wonderful to be back. And mingling with other alternative thinkers

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Those are the most beautiful hedges I've ever seen.

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