Jatropha Curcas L, Plants whose stems, leaves, sap, and fruit have many benefits.


How are you, hivers, come back with me @moex-photografy, and we are still on the same theme, namely about Natural Medicine, medicinal plants from nature. This time, our hivers will discuss about Jatropha curcas. Jatropha or in Latin it is called Jatropha curcas L.

we often encounter it as a hedge plant or a plant that grows as a shrub, so it is often considered a weed, apart from that Jatropha has many benefits. This plant is widely found in Indonesia. And it is common knowledge that this plant has good benefits from the stems, fruit, leaves and sap.


Leaves, Stems, Sap And Fruit


As we know, that this plant has many benefits. And for that we will discuss one by one the benefits of these plants.

Benefits of Stems

According to traditional knowledge from generation to generation in my place, Aceh. Jatropha stems have the benefit of strengthening loose teeth. You do this by grilling the stems directly, after a few minutes, wait a moment, then bite slowly. It will feel sore or hot in the gums, but it is a great way to make loose teeth firm again. Although it has not been medically proven that this really works, I have tried it, and it does work. But do it carefully, because this rod feels hot and can injure your lips.


Benefits of Leaves

As we said, this plant is indeed rich in benefits. Jatropha leaves have several benefits, among them are for cold medicine and enlarge Mr. P.

To enlarge Mr. P the manufacturing process is relatively easy. We only need to take a few jatropha leaves, then mash until smooth and the stalks. Then rub on the part Mr. P evenly. Do it at least two or three times a week. Although this is not proven medically, according to some opinions of people who use it they get results and see changes.

Benefits of Fruit

Jatropha contains a lot of oil. So that the seeds in jatropha are often used for fuel. In Aceh, around the seventies these seeds were used as wax. During the colonial period the people of Aceh used Jatropha seeds as a light. He said, jatropha seeds contain bio-diesel fuel. And this is very useful for fuel. Maybe in the future cultivating jatropha is a good solution to maintain fuel availability.

Benefits of sap

Jatropha sap has several benefits, including wound medicine, itching, stomachache and toothache. For itching, stomach aches and sores,Its use is quite easy, we just need to put a few drops of jatropha sap on the affected part.

However, for a toothache, the method is a little different. Take a little salt, then mix it with a few drops of jatropha sap, then stir until blended.Then take it and put it in the cavity that hurts. It's proven to be cured, and we often use it to treat cavities.


However, as we all know that this type of herbal medicine is sometimes not proven to be medically effective, but from several experiments that have been carried out this plant is indeed effective and useful. But we also know that even if chemical or herbal medicine, they do not always work well and can heal everyone. Because for those of us who have a religion, we believe that healing is a form of effort, and healing is a gift from God.


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Muchsin Alman

I come from Aceh, Indonesia. I was born in October 1994. I am a trader in several Crypto markets, besides I am also a writer of fiction and poetry. Some of my writings are "Hantu Kojet, Rencong Terakhir", and a collection of poems "Sajak Kekasih". Besides that I am a community founder, such as; FOKUS and KOPI HITAM. This is a community that focuses on the education of minors. I am also part of the humanitarian community, namely BMU, KSL and several other communities. this is a community of young people who care about education and humanity.
I focus on charity and humanitarian work. I think I will take advantage of technological advances such as Blockchain and Cryptocurency to be able to help others. And this is my goal, because for me there is no single satisfaction eternal apart from the satisfaction of seeing the smiles of others because of us.




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I think there is another species of Jatropha that grows around here in Nigeria. I have the picture on my phone and hope to make a post about it in the nearest future. The leaves are quite different from that of J. curcas. Maybe it is J tanjorensis, or so.

waaahh ... that's very interesting. I've never seen another kind. can it also be a herbal medicine?

Yes, it is. It is widely used as antifungal here. Especially for ringworms

That's good, both are useful. I am waiting for your posts. I want to see a different kind.

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In my area, we use the leaves to treat fever and cold in children, by heating them first over low heat.

Thank you for sharing with us traditional Indonesian home remedies.

Di daerah saya, kami menggunakan daunnya untuk mengobati demam pada anak-anak, dengan cara dihangatkan terlebih dahulu dengan api yang kecil.
Terima kasih telah berbagi pengobatan rumahan tradisional Indonesia pada kami.



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