You Are What You Eat - (Mind & Body) #MentalHealthAwareness Challenge

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'Go on! Eat that Banana'.

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That's right! I said "Banana".

Bananas are super nutritious and beneficial in many ways.

  • Bananas help to maintain a healthy nervous system and help with problems such as palpitation due to anxiety.
  • Bananas are great mood boosters, because they contain vitamins which help to increase the hormone serotonin that make you feel happy.
  • Bananas help to relieve headaches by stabilising the blood sugar and help regulate the blood flow.
  • and more...
However, I like Apples!

Apples are also super nutritious and beneficial in many ways.

  • Apples assist with appetite control because they are rich in fibre, so you feel full longer and this helps to curb the appetite.
  • Apples help to keep the brain sharp by helping to prompt neurotransmitters in the brain.
  • Apples help to boost energy because they are simple carbohydrates which turn into energy quickly
  • and more...


See, there are many ways to good health and happiness, so it's very important for you to do you.
Do what makes YOU happy.
Self-awareness is key in knowing what and how, to keep your mental well-being in check - happy, balanced and stable.


Proper Nutrition is Vital for Optimal Health

  • Mindful Eating

 💡  Did you know that the way you eat plays a part in your digestive and intestinal functions?

Yes, Mindful Eating requires that we apply all 5 senses to each meal. I like to practice my mindful eating at all meals, but I especially do so at breakfast, because it allows me to start my mindfulness practice, which sets a positive tone for the entire day.

Mindful Eating becomes easier with practice. These are some useful steps:

  • select a meal time when you won't be expected to socialise.
  • eat in a deliberate fashion ie. slowly, and pay attention to the sensation of your 1st bite, the smell of the food, the sight of the food, the feel of the food, the sound the food makes, and of course the taste.
  • try to eat your whole meal slowly, I always chew my food 32 times, it stimulates the digestive function, which helps to relieve stress because thinking of the small things makes you more appreciative, and it reduces overeating, hence less weight gain.

(Don't you go eating ONLY bananas or apples all day!)

A balanced diet with foods rich in fibre, grains, protein, good fats and carbohydrates is important and helps the body and mind to function more efficiently.

Some "feel good foods" for Brain and Mind Health are:

  • Berries (such as blueberries, goji, blackberries, kiwi too)
  • Green leafy veggies (such a spinach, kale, lettuce, also broccoli and cauliflower)
  • Oils (Olive Oil / EVOO, Sesame Oil and Coconut Oil are better options for cooking)
  • Nuts (legumes really) like almonds & pistachio are super healthy and beneficial.
  • Wine (yes, yes, yes!) red or white, but I think red is really good for women especially in the over 40 age group.
  • Avocados, celery, pineapples and dark chocolate (actually, or some other foods that are good mood boosters.

Body & Mind

The mind and body correlation depends highly on the energies of our bodies. Our bodies consist of different layers of energy, and having all those energies harmonised is essential in a holistic approach to well-being because all physical, mental and spiritual activities depends on the quality, the abundance and the free flow of our energy.

#Qigong is my #NaturalRemedy for keeping my energies in sync.


Separating Heaven and Earth, Qigong Exercise

Here's a perfect explanation from
Author: Elsa Cordero

"This exercise carries both internal and external benefits. Externally, it stretches the arms and opens and closes the rib cage. Internally, it gently massages the spleen and stomach so as  to improve digestive function.

A balanced spleen and stomach sustains a balanced mind and body. When out of balance we feel ungrounded, anxious and have a tendency to overthink and worry.

As the hands are moving in opposite directions, separating heaven and earth, the spleen qi ascends while the stomach qi descends."

Body Energy

When one thinks of energy, physical energy is foremost in thoughts. However, the human body consist of 5 energy layers ie. the Physical Body, the Etheric Energy Body, the Emotional Energy Layer, the Mental Energy Layer and the Spiritual Energy Layer. In addition, the aura, is also a field of energy that is believed to surround a human body.

Source: My Qigong Studies


The aura of person is directly connected to the level of health of that person - in terms of physical vitality, mental clarity, emotional well-being, and spiritual energies.

'The biggest compliment I've ever received was from an elderly man while I was shopping in a supermarket: I was at the international section and when he entered, I smiled and said hello. He said "your aura is THIS big" [massive hand gesture].'

I'm very sensitive to people's energy, and extremely protective of mine, so that made me blush. 😊

(In life, it's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice).

_4280695_USE THIS.jpg

Laughter is therapy. It's an innate ability which allows us to communicate without words.

Body Mind Connection

The Body is Like A Temple, and The Mind is a Powerhouse
We really are what we eat, so we must be careful how we feed our minds too.

#PositiveMinds #PositiveThoughts #PositiveVibes #PositivePsychology

The Mind

The Powerhouse!

My Laughter Therapy Studies has taught me that "the mind itself can be trouble. We can learn to work with it, or we can fall under its spell and allow it to dictate how we feel."

I'll say it again: Feed the mind well!
Introspection is vital for self-development, however, if you resort to rumination, please make it positive.

Some ways to nourish, ground and train the mind for mental stability are:

  • meditation (including mantras and daily affirmations)
  • mindfulness (in everything we do. Think before acting. NOT ALL ACTIONS NEED A REACTION.
  • gardening
  • exercise (such as qigong, yoga, boxing etc)
  • puzzle solving
  • reading
  • being kind, and helping others in any way possible without expectations.

(Not for everyone, but HasaYoga (Laughing Yoga) has tremendous benefits, as laughter releases endorphins (natural pain remedy) and laughter makes the muscles relax which helps with the overall steady free flow of energy - vital for our existence and happiness.


My continuous personal development and spiritual growth has been enlightening and helps me develop self-awareness, tranquility and harmony with the world and people.

Never be too hard on yourself. Give yourself some credit.

#SelfLove #SelfAprreciation

Proper Diet, Exercise, and Mindfulness enables us to become strong, empathetic, confident and resilient with the #SelfBelief to overcome and meet life's guaranteed challenges as they come.

Thanks for reading peeps.

Unleash your #InnerWarrior !

'No matter how many times you fall, get up, and STAND TALL!'

PS: My daily motivation song is by #ZiggyMarley with #PaulSimon called Walk Tall

(Press Play for some good motivation)

My #MentalHealthAwareness Challenge Contribution Article hosted by @naturalmedicine influenced by @garybilbao in the interest of shining light on mental well-being.


Nice, I am bopping along to that tune at that end, that's great. Gonna share it in our Discord and tipping you for making me smile. A beautifully presented post which made me smile BIG TIME. I loved that bit about that guy noticing how big your aura is - that's VERY cute!

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🙃😊 It's such a motivational song. I like to listen to it at the start of my yoga sessions or qigong session. I'm happy you like it too :)

Thank you! As I said, that's the biggest compliment, that I'll never forget...The gentleman was from Hawaii 😊

So...I'm a cashew nut chicken with fried rice, donut, Pepsi Max and Steamed vegetables? (This is what I ate today).

This is a scary thought Milly.

Seriously though, the right balance between a sensible intake of food and exercise is important. They say sitting is the new smoking as far one's health goes...And I think societies diet is probably not very good generally. A little focus on diet, exercise and mindfulness could go a long way.

🤣 😂 "I'm a cashew nut chicken with fried rice, donut, Pepsi Max and Steamed vegetables" - could make a "corny pickup line" 🤣

I'd reply: "And I'm NUTS!😝

I agree sitting is no good for the body. I try to take a few breaks and walk around every 10 mins or so.
I totally agree about the right balance of exercise and diet though.

I do the walk around thing when I'm at the office. About ten minutes per hour, if I am sitting for that long. It actually helps to keep me fresh and my mind active rather than feeling full and lifeless. I often walk around the block or something like that.

Oh yeah, that's my pick up line for sure...Works every time. 🤣

When I'm home, I like to break from the computer and do little tasks like watering my herbs. Or I do simple stretches with emphasis on my neck and quads. It helps to refresh my brain too🙂

The neck stretches is something I need to get into more as I'm at the computer working hiving a lot and I get some pain in my neck area and down my back...I keep forgetting though. As you say, it also helps recharge the noggin. I need to try harder.

and remember to do shoulder rolls too:)

That's also a good idea...Thanks...You just reminded me. I'll get onto it now. :)

Good boy!😁😉

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South Asians have a carbo-heavy diet which is not always healthy, especially when eaten a lot. I find it increasingly hard to maintain a balanced diet.

Love me some fruits. Guavas, oranges, dates, bananas, and raisins are regular on my diet.
I like honey-soaked peanuts too.

I agree about the carbo-heavy diet. Pains my heart when I see what many people survive on here.
Kudos to you for her healthy indulgence of fresh fruit. I really like the rich flavour of fruits in the tropics.

baby I'm having cheesecake and coffee for breakfast. 🤣

Oh, my! and I was planning to give that banana a "mindful munch", using all my senses...