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RE: Toxic Positivity and the Denial of Emotions

in Natural Medicine3 months ago

Such a good read. The expression 'good vibes only' I see quite a lot, especially on dating apps, and well, it's just not realistic. How to express and fully feel our emotions I feel is something everyone should get taught in school. The importance of really process your emotions, especially the most challenging emotions. Otherwise, they get stuck in your body and leads to all kinds of diseases (as you point out).

What I feel is helping me also when I'm caught up in feeling some really strong challenging emotions is to remind myself that I'm not my emotions, I'm the one who experiences these emotions. And also to remind myself that it'll pass. If I really face this it will also free itself. It has taken years of practice though to get here.


Right, like, we get "health class" (or some variant) in school and it's like, teaching you about food groups and exercise and ish like that but they never taught us beans about mental health and emotional intelligence or anything that might fall under the banner of psychology, as if that wasn't part of our health too.
Some would say that parents should teach that, but so many of our parents are just perpetuating generational cycles of dysfunction and they aren't able, even if they're doing their best.