Making Black Garlic

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I've heard about black garlic for a long time, how it enhances flavour in dishes and its health benefits. It's one of the superfoods in recent years and used by chefs in many trendy restaurants. In reality it's actually been around for a long time in Asian countries such as India, Thailand and Korea.

Health wise, black garlic is said to be good for the immune system, helps to reduce heart diesease via lowering cholesterol, keeps the brain healthy and helps to keep blood sugar levels stable. Wow! That sounds like a look of health benefits packed in one little bulb of garlic!!

With so much hype around the product,I decided to check it out. They cost about £45 per kg in UK, and depending on the bulbs size you get roughly 10 bulbs per kg. In other words, it's not cheap!!! Luckily, after a bit of googling, I found that you can make your own black garlic, and its very easy. All you need is garlic (of course!!!) and a rice cooker.

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So last week I got some fresh garlic from the shops. They cost around £4.50 per kg, that's 1/10 the price of black garlic!!!! I got around 30 bulbs in total. Then I pulled out a rice cooker lying around that I don't use, it s big industrial grade one. In fact I could have bought more garlic to make a bigger batch of black garlic, but since this is a trial, I thought it's safer to not go overboard in case I mess things up.

I wiped down all my garlic with a piece of dry cloth to make sure there's no dirt or soil and lined them in the rice cooker. Then all I had to do was to plug in the rice cooker and leave it on warm, NOT cook. Easy peasy!!



Actually after I did all this (four days ago), today I was looking at how to make black garlic on internet again. I saw some say you should line the base of the rice cooker with some sort of bamboo rack so the garlic doesn't come in direct contact with the heat. And others say you should wrap each bulb individually in aluminium foil. Well too bad, I've started the process now, I'm not going to touch the garlic again.

My rice cooker is an industrial grade one, and I was a little worried that the heat might be a bit too powerful. I took a little peep on day 2, and everything seemed fine. Good.

The garlic smell is really strong and started flowing around the house. The rice cooker is downstairs in a vacant shop kitchen, and I live in the two floors upstairs. I could smell garlic on both floors above, it was like I was cooking garlic all the time! Then in the evening, I felt I was coming down with a cold as it is starting to turn chilly now. My eyes hurt and it was starting to get a bit watery. Then I realised, I didn't have a cold. It was the strong garlic odour making my eyes go watery!

Today is day 4. I don't know if it's because I closed all the doors, or if I got used to it, the garlic odour has disappeared now and I don't have watery eyes anymore. I'm still a little worried about how my black garlic is getting on, so I had another peep today. Something is definitely working, my garlic has started to change colour, and I think its heading the right direction. So far so good, I'm very pleased.

I'm not got to touch or peep at my soon to be black garlic anymore till the end of week two. The internet says it takes three weeks, and to check in week two. I'm going to be good now and let them get on with it.

In the meanwhile, I'm going to look for some good black garlic recipes so I'll be ready to use them in three weeks time. Do you have any nice recipes that you can share with me? Please drop me a comment below. Thanks!


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This garlic thing is interesting.
Thanks for the prize 💃
I hope next month you also pick a good one so I can win again 😁

That reminds me, I got to start thinking about an interesting one for next month's PUD. Time flies!


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Thats interesting. Ive been curious about how to make black garlic. Now I know. Thanks! I did not realize that it took weeks to make. Wow.

It actually takes three weeks according to the internet. I'm planning to check in two to give myself another excuse to take a peep 😅


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Garlic smell is good, you will keep away vampires and some types of bad ghosts.

I like eating black garlic, but it is really over priced considering how easy it is to make. I've wanted to get into homemade stuff but my apartment is too small, I need a house with a little shack on the roof top.

The smell certainly was quite something, it really was very strong. Definitely not recommended for small places unless you like walking around in garlic flavour clothes! Is it expensive in Korea as well? I read it's popular there.


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Funny to see this - I also just bought a dedicated small rice cooker specifically for this purpose! Snap!! 😆 I've yet to start but it's sitting on my kitchen bench staring at me, waiting for me to get it together to buy the garlic.

I have a well-ventilated storeroom at the back of our 2 story Thai teak house in mind - the windows are always open (have bars on them) and it's sealed off from most of the rest of the house.

Thanks for putting a rocket under me!! 😊

Just wondering, how's your black garlic going?

Urgh I had an Asian monsoon disaster. POwer failure while I was out meant the ricecooker switched off and didn't switch back on again. By time time I check on it the following afternoon it was already mouldy. 😭 Had to toss the whole batch and start again.... and increase the checking to 2-3 times/daily.

Out of sight-range-smell clearly isn't a great idea.


oh no!! when you say check do you actually open up the rice cooker to check inside or just to keep in sight? I read online to say don't open the rice cooker but I was so tempted to take a look all the time.

By "check" I mean check that the little light on the side is still happily glowing and that the rice cooker is WARM to touch. 😊 Unless it's in eye sight range it's super easy to overlook it.

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I've done it before JUST like this. My advice is to rotate the top and bottom every few days as the top was softer and the bottom crunchy. The taste is AMAZING.. you won't regret it.

Mine's a total fail!!!

This sounds really interesting, I have never heard of black garlic before! I hope your experiment works, probably another week to go now? I'm sure the garlic smell would chase away any kind of virus as well;)
Will check out your Hi from Hive initiative for sure, great idea!

I got an update on my black garlic now Liz, and the results, will be posting tomorrow!

Can you point to the whole process / timeline or the source ? Would be interesting to know and try .

There are quite a few recipes on line and they all suggest the same method. This one is quite informative

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