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RE: If it makes you feel “blah”, turn it off (Self Help for Trolls #7)

in Natural Medicine3 months ago

You really spoke well here and l'm also of the opinion that we shouldn't pour our emotions or energy into the drama that is going on in the political setting. Some people are already blinded with their clouded mindset so, any attempt to reset their mind towards approaching things in a sane way is always proving futile.

Your free flow of inspiration in this video is a very nice thing.

We can believe and stand with somethings but we can't just push people into flowing with us. The idea of Facebook, Twitter and other social media is also there to do something good to some people.

We are doing well here so, we should always continue to grow here. Anyone that wants to come will surely come around.

Nice one buddy. I never really imagined that you are a nice guy. I just thought that you are a Nigerian living outside Nigeria. Heehehe... Well Done ✅