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RE: New Product Review | Vegetarian Nuggets | 2021

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I'm not a big fan of these products because I don't miss meat at all, but I think they can be a useful tool for those wanting to be vegan for ethical reasons. The science is getting so good they are now making things almost indistinguishable from meat, and I think that is a good thing overall.

A few years ago in the USA a friend gave a me a vegan chicken nugget to try, and it was so similar to chicken that I found it hard to eat, but I find seitan is different enough from meat that it's easy to eat.

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it was so similar to chicken that I found it hard to eat

I had the same experience with these meat-like products. Sometimes it just mimics and really tastes like the real thing that I had to stop eating ang check out what I'm chewing.

In our country of 110 million, only a fraction of a percentage is vegan/vegetarian/plant-based. So, potentially having millions of people benefit from it is a big win for me.

I totally agree. It is a great tool for people who want to get into veganism, especially those who are just trying to get in on the lifestyle.