💪 A Random Ramble For The Manly Man PlantBased Challenge 🥦

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I sat down yesterday to record a video submission for the the #ManCave and #NaturalMedicine Communities', and I can only call it a random ramble.

💪 The Manly Man Plant Based Challenge 💪

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My Random Ramble

     I have been so busy lately that I've found little to make a recipe submission for The Man Cave Community and the Natural Medicine Community's Manly Man Plant Based Challenge.

     This video was recorded yesterday, and as I write this post @Sreypov and I are less than 24 hours away from getting married here in Suriname. We are so excited, and of course distracted from Hive a bit lately. However, I really love the recent coming together of two of my favorite communities to create this awesome and generous challenge.

     As a chef, Italist, and #plantbased restaurateur, I thought it would be fitting to talk about some of the stereotypes of food and restaurants using the word #vegan. "Vegan" was definitely a word we tried to avoid saying in our restaurant, and only because of the negative stigma and misunderstandings that are associated with the word.

     "Vegan" and "expensive" are two words that I often pair in my mind, especially when applied to western countries, although in Cambodia, a vegan meal is a sign of poverty and hard times in most financially poor countries. Anyhow, have a watch and enjoy my random discombobulated ramble for this awesome challenge.

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Monkey B


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Co-Starring Monkey B :)
As I told you, your stories are interesting on paper and on vid. You could do a weekly random ramble and maybe aks your readers/followers to pick a topic and do give aways. NFT recipes/art, tokens or win a meal deal (for locals only..gna gna gna))

I may try and do a weekly random ramble, definitely would not be too difficult. The wheels are turning...... !ENGAGE 25

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Hi @justinparke
Watching your video, listening to you, I realize some things.
In general, people who are not vegan or vegetarian tend to stay away from anything that sounds like a meatless meal, but actually most people like salads, French fries, and so on. You don't necessarily have to have meat in your food to be nutritious. But, there is a belief that it does.

I also see that, at least here in the West, a lot of men who like cooking tend to label us as effeminate, because cooking is supposed to be a woman's thing. A lot of people are wrong on this point, obviously.

If you look at it, many of the world's renowned restaurants have been created by male chefs, so it shows that cooking is genderless, just like any art, it's simply for anyone who wants to do it.

Surely you must cook very well, the dishes you have presented look very tasty, and I have no doubt that they are.
By the way, your beautiful daughter's intervention in the video was a break... blessings broth.

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@josevas217, many times now I have bitten the top of my fingers while eating their food...and this is coming from a meat eater...
Four thumbs up for those magical foodprep skills :)

Thanks for the kind words @faustofraser, but you should be more careful when eating. !ENGAGE 15

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Kind words @josevas217, give thanks.

What you've said is all true. I worked as a cook in restaurants for years, and yes, many people think it's a woman's job, but I remind them most of the world's famous chefs are men. I will say though my wife is good cook too, and we share the load 50/50.


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I loved listening to this and hearing your voice as I blogged this morning. Lovely to see your beautiful face. I agree with you - give me an Indian restaurant over 'vegan' anyday which is often 'raw' or full of fake meat products. Ew. There is one great Ethiopian vegan place in Melbourne we love - but really it's just African food that would be not meat anyway - delicious!

I never heard of the term ITAL before I met you, but now I know!!!!

Good luck getting married - seems like a weird thing to say! As if you need to make things legit for love, but I know it's just for laws and travel and stuff. You guys rock and I love your lovely family. xx

I would love, love, love to eat at your restaurant. Bucket list dream!

PS It's me, @riverflows. Guilty of not using template and posting from wrong account! Sue me, I'm boss, hahaahahha!!! Much love, bless upx

I sensed it was you, haha. You are the boss, and the boss can break the rules. I would be honored to host you at a future restaurant in an unknown land at an unknown future date. Lots of love from us.