The powers of darkness return - time to shine your light fellow spiritual warriors

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Five hour daily power cuts are back here in sunny South Africa. They call it load shedding, and it’s back with a vengeance. Can you imagine already living under level 3 lockdown with beaches, gatherings and all alcohol banned, and now the power goes off for 5 hours a day on top of That? The economy will go from lame to paralyzed, from limping to crawling. And the psyche of society will be frayed at the edges, I imagine.

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I’m fortunately not phased or too affected because I have my solar panel and battery kit as a backup. I bought it 3 years ago when “load shedding” became a popular pastime here in darkening Africa. The other major blessing this time around, is that the power cuts are in two halves, of 2.5 hours each, and they fall– so far – mostly at night. Either they are from 10-12.20; and then 4-6.30am. Or some variant of that.

So most of us are spared from the worst of the power cuts. Apparently our coal supply is weak again or something. Who can say for sure with all the government shenannigans going on? Sometimes however, the power cuts occur during the day and we have to sit it out with whatever we were doing. Even with my solar panel and laptop battery life, the wifi goes off and obviously so does the internet.

It’s at times like these that I take the opportunity to go out for a hike along the cliffs above the rocky sea shore way below. The current extreme circumstances that we all face now in our different ways globally, oblige us to call upon our inner strength and capacity to adapt and think outside of our normal routines. My life is less affected but I can imagine business owners must be taking great strain.

Add to this the fact that the new year’s school opening has been pushed back by two weeks, so the kids have to hang around at home now waiting for school to open. I presume that they are only too happy, but it does compromise their education to a degree. Especially with power cuts to their wifi and home schooling alternative, which has arisen.

Zoom classes are now the new norm, though something is being lost when direct social interaction face to face is gone. Live action living has been replaced by online virtual socializing – often via gaming – and I don’t see it as completely healthy overall for the kids today.

And this may go on for months to come at this rate. Multiple crises are impacting us here in sober South Africa (with the alcohol ban), and let’s add to that the nightly curfew from 9pm until 5am. Does it sound like a war zone? I think it is. I expect the economy to crash further and the Great Depression to set in. I foresee a world war, starting in USA this week with China as the enemy and going global. I could be wrong and I hope so, but still conditions are going to remain compromised as they currently already are nation wide here in the deep south.

Each nation has its own flavor of lockdown lifestyle going on now, a year after covid first arrived. Can you believe that we are still totally under this imposition a year a year later, with no sign of letting up? It looks like life will never be the same again, not in a good way either. I recommend that we now call upon our inner resources of resilience, strength, adaptability and innovation. I no longer fear any covid cold but more the effects of the preventative measures imposed in the name of the covid cold.

If you are already detached and renounced, like me, then there is nothing to lose and no worries mate. We still have our spiritual insight, time to meditate and opportunity to exercise, but I may be one of the lucky few. Others with less spiritual insight or more social demands, like family and career, might feel the affects of lockdown and power cuts much more. At times like these we really need to be there for each other as a community. Social gatherings are banned but I still meet up with friends in small groups to do bhajan together or share a vegan meal, while discussing philosophy.

The powers that be cannot lock down our psyches, and don’t let them lock down your spirit. And if they turn the lights out or take away your power, then simply tap in to your higher power and shine your personal light – ignited by the torchlight of knowledge. Knowledge will be your power now, as the electricity buckles.

We have trained for times like these. Now is our time to rise to the occasion as spiritual warriors on the battlefield of life. Now is the time to call upon our resources of inner strength and resilience. We may become the resistance, the minority, the enemy even, as the government and the majority turn into the villain or the indoctrinated mass.

Those of us who fight to preserve our sovereignty, our right to worship communally, to practice our religion in an impending communist and atheist state, we will fly our flag – or go underground. When the government becomes the enemy of freedom and of the people, we have to become our own judges of right and wrong. We have to look within to find our own moral compass. We spiritual warriors will be tested in coming months, and we have to shine brighter now as the government plunges into a literal and figurative darkness.

This is just the second year of the great war against humanity, imposed upon us by our own governments and the elite of the planet. It may be years more of this to come. So bring out your game plan, your A game, your big guns, so to speak, and polish them up, because last year was just the warm-up for the bigger tests ahead. I am ready and I will make my biggest impact on the world now. I have trained for this battle against the forces of darkness and I am ready. How about you?

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spiritual insight is key no matter what your situation..... its just that suffering seems to increase the chances of obtaining it! dont concern yourself too much with the suffering of others, just keep planting the seeds. DEEPEST ACCEPTANCE. and FURTHER x x

Thank you for the wise insights Basil, onward and upward we go.

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Thanks for the reminder Basil. I have been enjoying breathing with these words in the silent moments. Feels amazing in fact!

Struggled for a few days with the word DEEPEST, like an internal block which kept me from remembering what it was! But am there now and it comes naturally.

Deepest gratitude brother x

thats wonderful to hear sam! our egoic identity can normally be expected to fight tooth and nail when we are presented with these challenges so you are doing beautifully to have relaxed in to it so soon. You are on the hero's quest my friend :)

Appreciate the SA update. Here in France we are getting some power-cuts too.

And like you I feel very much like I have been training for this battle all my life.

I recommend checking out a couple of websites as part of your A plan:

I wrote a post about it a few days ago:

Find your tribe and thrive 🌱

Many thanks friend, I will check out the links. I'm amazed that even in France there are similar power cuts. I thought it was only a third world thing.

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I can't speak for the rest of France but here in this agricultural region the power seems intermittent for the small villages at the moment. With no explanation as to why.

For me this is perfection! As we get to test out our solar power ;)

unfortunately i think you are too right that this is just the beginning of this war. keep sending out that good energy =)

Will do Bodhi, we are ready for whatever may come.

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Ah yes, load shedding. something we used to have her in South Australia when the temperatures soared to stop the sub stations overloading, or something of the sort. Never more than two hours, but at 45°C the contents of many fridges were lost. Things must have been upgraded, because we lose power less often now.

Some things are beyond our control, so turning towards ourselves and what is within our control is our only sane way forward.

Yes indeed we have our sphere of concern which may be great but we can only achieve results working on our sphere of influence.

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The world outlook is not encouraging. We, in Venezuela, have already been experiencing accelerated destruction for more than two decades. It is inconceivable that the country that has the greatest amount of natural resources on the planet, like mine, goes back to the time of the caves, due to an intentional destruction of our entire energy infrastructure. I have always believed that the elites have taken my nation as a laboratory, to extrapolate such practices and policies to the rest of the world. Now, the only option we have is to hold firm on a spiritual level, as you say, and also try to build a healthier timeline; For this we can resort to the duplication of time and space. I invite you to get in touch with your quantum double and seek a better future for humanity. Greetings and blessings.

No es para nada alentador el panorama a nivel mundial. Nosotros, en Venezuela, ya tenemos más dos décadas con una destrucción acelerada. Es inconcebible que el país que tiene la mayor cantidad de recursos naturales del planeta, como es el mío, vuelva a las épocas de las cavernas, debido a una destrucción intencional de todo nuestra infraestructura energética. Siempre he creído que mi nación ha sido tomada por las élites como laboratorio, para extrapolar tales prácticas y políticas al resto del mundo. Ahora bien, la única opción que tenemos es mantenernos firmes a nivel espiritual, tal y como dices, y también tratar de construir una línea de tiempo más sana; para ello podemos recurrir al desdoblamiento del tiempo y del espacio. Les invito a ponerse en contacto con su doble cuántico e ir en pro de un futuro mejor para la humanidad. Saludos y bendiciones.

Hey there my south-south comrade, we are in the same boat, to a degree. I like your idea of connecting to my quantum double. I will tap in and envision a better future for us all.

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It is the only option to stop them, to make the matrix work as it should be, if we do not work together and in harmony to achieve that, humanity will disappear as we know it. Soon I will be doing a publication with practical tips to get to know our quantum double. A hug, partner; by the way, my name is Fedora.

Es la única opción de detenerlos, de hacer que la matrix funcione como debe ser, si no trabajamos en conjunto y en armonía para lograr eso, la humanidad desaparecerá tal y como la conocemos. Próximamente estaré haciendo una publicación con tips prácticos para conocectarnos con nuestro doble cuántico. Un abrazo, compañero; por cierto, mi nombre es Fedora.

Your updates are very encouraging and well balance, I appreciate how you bring out the pros and cons of the ordeal. Thanks again @julescape I'll be reading.

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