Mercury transit approaches conjunct the Sun – “combust” and invisible under the burning sunbeams for a few days

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About six times a year Mercury passes across the face of the sun from earth’s point of view, three times in front and three times behind the sun, in it’s forward and retrograde motions. This occurs in three pairs of events. In about 48 hours from now we will have one of these Mercury transits of the sun, where the direct conjunction occurs. It’s nothing too special since it occurs regularly, but it does symbolize a period of a few days where Mercury is invisible, even via telescope, due to the sun’s bright glare, and thus the influence of Mercury is astrologically considered debilitated.

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This period of about two weeks when Mercury is within about 8 degrees either approaching or leaving the conjunction with the sun, is labelled as Mercury “combust” by astrologers, since the middle ages. Mercury is considered to be “under the beams” or hidden by the blinding light of the sun’s rays during this time. As a result it is said to hamper the department of life associated with Mercury, namely communication, the mind’s rational thought processes, and perhaps even trading.

As I write this, Twitter is unable to post my tweets due to being swamped with usage and thus jammed up by the looks of it. My wifi internet has been very patchy for the past couple of days. The transit peaks in two days but the effects are being felt. Curiously when the conjunction is exact, within 17 minutes of arc, or just under a third of one degree (a degree being 60 minutes of arc) Mercury is considered “cazimi” or “in the heart of the sun” which is the most powerful time or the most empowering moment in the Mercury transit annually.

For this brief period of a few hours, the effects of Mercury are enhanced to the level of genius or great potential. Any child born during these hours of the exact alignment of Mercury and the sun, may well be brilliant and a genius in their field. Also we can all benefit by harnessing the precise moment of the “cazimi” for our activities. It would be a perfect time to do a ritual or launch a project or a business deal, for example.

This moment will occur around midnight GMT at the start of 19 April and will last a few hours at most. So if you want to prepare to harness that time period, then get ready to capitalize. Otherwise leading up to it and just after it for a few more days, we will have a somewhat debilitated Mercury influence, astrologically speaking.

This alignment is occurring in the sign of Aries. In the western tropical system it would be right at the very last degree of Aries, while in the literal Siderial or Vedic astrological measurement it is occurring 23 degrees back from that, at around 7 degrees of Aries. If you have any planets situated there or a cardinal point on your horoscope, then you may feel the effects of the Sun and Mercury conjunct that position more strongly.

The next time this Mercury conjunction to the sun occurs will be on 11 June around 1am GMT. This will be while Mercury is going retrograde and the planet will pass between us and the sun (interior/inferior conjunction). The current transit of the sun occurs while Mercury is going forward or direct, and occurs with the sun between us and Mercury (exterior/superior conjunction). Mercury is moving forward relatively fast now so the mind might be filled with masses of info with the risk of overload or jamming up, like the Twitter website which is jammed up due to overload and so can’t take my tweet right now.

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