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Finding The Best Solution For Me

Given my recent struggles with sleep, I thought it might be a good idea to find a device capable of tracking my sleep patterns. A smart watch would be the obvious choice, but from my previous experience with normal watches, there's no way I could sleep with something attached to my wrist. I recalled hearing about the Oura Ring on Dave Asprey's Bulletproof Radio some time back, though at the time I slept very well and had little interest in such a product. Fast forward to 2020...

Given the good ratings and recommendations I found around the interwebs, I decided to take the plunge, to the tune of $299. I figured with my current state of affairs, a device that could help me tune my sleep justified the expense. Any gained productivity from achieving better sleep, could easily provide me a great return on investment.

Getting Fitted


Immediately after you purchase a ring, they send you a sizing kit which comes within a few days. You choose a finger and the correct size, and wear it overnight to ensure it's comfortable. After that you simply go to their site and let them know which size you chose.

The Arrival


In another week or two, your ring arrives!


The sensors are located on the underside of the ring. The ring drops down onto a provided charging cradle, and can run up to a week between charges.


The top of the ring is flat, so you can always be sure the ring is properly positioned. The shell is titanium, so the ring is very sturdy and deceptively light weight.

The App


After a night's sleep, the app provides you a sleep score. This score is actually not bad. I'm guessing a few weeks ago it would have been much lower.


This graph is pretty cool. It actually maps out your sleep cycles. The three white 'AWAKE' cycles in the middle were where my son woke me up. The largest one being where I had to give him a bottle (not of Jack).


The app reports your resting heart rate, with the gap corresponding to bottle feeding time (obviously I wasn't resting).


The app grades you in various areas. For example, an optimal level of deep sleep would have been close to 90 minutes, but I only got 55.


The app also attempts to estimate how ready you are to sleep the following night, using a readiness score.


To help you sleep during the night, the app wants you to have a minimum amount of activity during the day, and not spend too much time without getting some movement.


I think this ring was well worth the investment. It will be able to provide me with immediate feedback should I decide to adjust any aspect of my sleep. It will also be able to provide me with long term trends. While it's very useful for sleep, it doesn't have the features of a traditional fitness tracker such as a Fitbit has. But if you are in the market for something low profile to specifically track your sleep, Oura Ring is the ticket-- if you don't mind spring 300 bucks for one. Check them out for yourself at:


I used to wear my Fitbit charge 3 to check out my sleep patterns and track those Actifit steps... I checked it out from time to time but never played close attention. Plus wearing a watch while sleeping gets old fast. Shoot I don’t even wear a ring... it’s tattooed because I can’t wear one for work reasons.

I’m ready for sleep when I am chillin’ on the couch watching a show with the family... yep, I am the first one to pass out. Lol.

I wonder what happens when you tip back that bottle of Jack... are you ready for sleep earlier... or later... someone getter test this...

That ring is nice and slim, could be easy to get used to.

Alcohol can make you pass out, but apparently the quality of your sleep is shit. I hear you on the rings, I worked on electronics in the AF, and we had to take our rings off to prevent shorting shit. The kind of current you are working with...

I have heard the same thing about alcohol induced sleep patterns... they Suck!! I guess you never really fall into that deep sleep.
They would show us these safety videos of people wearing rings at work... not pretty... only a skeleton finger left...

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Wow. I can't possibly a ring did all these.
What kind of invention is this. I am impressed, so impressed.
Glad you decide to purchase it and invest your money into it and like you said it's worth that investment.
The ring will be helping you from now on to adjust some things that need adjustment

So classy and helpful at the same time! I love how technology evolves!

Comments sound like products reviews for online shoppers.

Oh I've been wanting to check these out and find out what they were about for a while. They actually look quite good. I'm not sure I'd want to buy one, but I don't have the sleep issues that you have! Quite a cool little gadget - shared on Twitter via Nat Med for you. Nice one!

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