The Songstress' Serenade (An Original Poetry)

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Your voice in me,
rings a silence
as it oinks, it sings
as a ripple through oceans,
an alto that quavers
through rivers and lakes.
from beyond,
you're a beacon,
that ignites lonely moments
giving resolutions
and a clarity that beams,

Your touch,
is like the evening's air
when droplets of rain
floods the skies
like a thousand spears
descending beautifully.
it's feels like the grass,
as it gently grazes my knee
in the tenderest of manner,
by goodness,
it feels like confidence,
after many hours of trepidation

Your stare,
is a gaze of magnificence,
it captures
nature's essence,
like a man,
beholding in awe,
the beauty of the monalisa,
they radiates
in gloves of flames
gently destroying to cinder,

in the nearest of distance,
you're like a ditty,
that forms melodiously
fading gently,
like the ending
of an orchestra,
as the darkness is born,
you glitter as the moon,
shimmering, a certain aura
for light is magnified
by your existence.

Your brightness,
like a lantern,
promises to illuminate,
as the oceans
rocks and rolls
on a clear sumptuous day
while sword and shield clangs
and the battlefield
is is all gut and guts

As we till barren lands,
hoes and cutlass,
ridges and rows
our hands are clasped
in supplication
beaming with hope,
that tomorrow
will be filled with ripeness

Written by @Josediccus


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