Our World: A Taste Of Banality (An Original Poetry)

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Finally; the very finale,
to this vapidity.
curtains falls,
and an end beckons.
tragedy calls
to a banquet of thoughts
where nothing lies beyond
our thinking facaulty.
barren expectations,
a figment of emptiness
and one final gaze
into the clear blue skies

Like bows and arrows,
we will cling on,
to pain and sorrow
like leeches,
seeking redemption
but afraid to be born anew!
like an untrue reality.
we fear to lose it all,
the sweetness of the sun
and the warmth of summer

A tasteless delight
dwells on the tongue.
in the very face of vivacity
this world is a quest
of futile insipidity
our science and technology,
of which we adore
ends with a rapture.
so where lies life's beauty?
if it ends in a casket
with beautiful tears
watching coffins
lowered into the dirt?

We have lived as Merchants
on the face of the earth
exchange our souls
for blinking things.
Our new world
is as naked as as darkness
before daylight
pregnant thoughts
but impotent tongues,
our hands are screw drivers,
rendered obsolete
by circumstance,

These wrinkles,
grotesque and divine
death and bacon
a seamless combination
Today comes,
tomorrow dies,
living forever in us
like fermented memories
we will lay silently
dirges and songs
filtering in
for one last time.

Written by @Josediccus


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This is really impressive brother.

Thank you

Food for though, something to chew for a long time.

Thank you, I guess life's futility is something we need to ponder on.

Beautifully written, you have a knack for poetry. I especially like this one.

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I always try to make my last piece better than the previous ones. Once again it was a delight to know that you enjoyed it.

You are really good at writing poems,well-done Brother 🙏

Thank you