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October is Mental Health Awareness Month, and @naturalmedicine has initiated this challenge by raising awareness on how we can help people suffering from any mental illness.

Reaching out to people having mental health issues isn't just about joining some groups. In fact, people who may be afflicted with some illnesses can be seen in your community as long as you are aware about the signs if a person has depression, etc.

Not only in the community you lived in, but also in community where you are a part of, as well as in social media. Being involved in sign language community, we are visiting and teaching deaf people in their homes, back then before the coronavirus pandemic. There are some stories from their family by which their deaf family member slashed their pulse with blade, which is apparently suicide. I asked the mom what's the problem of their daughter, and they are unaware of depression because communicating with the deaf person is a challenge. They cannot understand her. There we told the parent to become compassionate, and be more understandable towards her.

We encountered some parents who are not aware of their deaf child's behavior, and instead of showing compassion, they even blame the deaf person for her attitude. We tried to explain but their perception and mind is too narrow.

One of our deaf friend also had a huge problem with her family, that it triggered her bipolar disorder. It's sad that she even refuse medication. She even told me to that she will kill herself by going to the sea because of her problem. I was afraid on what she's going to do, I messaged her aunt to watch on her to stop her from leaving the house.

Even in social media, you can notice if a person is suffering from depression or anxiety through their post. I remember this friend from a distant province. He posted in his messenger stories pictures (actually cartoons) implying suicide. I immediately messaged him that if he needs someone to talk to about his problems, I am just a message away. He thanked me, though he didn't respond after that. I just messaged anyone who's also his friend to reach out to him.

I don't want to disclose the names of those involved for privacy reasons. I just want to encourage everyone that knowing the signs of someone's mental illness isn't difficult to see. There are some behaviors you can notice from a person. Reach out, and lend your ears whenever they express their sufferings, even if they sound irrational for you. They have this battle by which you can help them win the battle.


I think that's so important - even if you think it's a stupid joke or that 'someone else will talk to them' - sending a message can make such a difference in people's lives.

I can't even imagine what it is like to have something like deafness, and the special set of circumstances that make it difficult to cope in these times. thanks for this important and relevant post. Bold

My son of 13 years old have a situation of depression too for the pandemic, be alone and boring. He only wanted play in his PlayStation and don't care about school or anything else, so my red flags turn on and I noticed he had something weird. He wasn't the sweet child I knew. At the beginning I was mad with him cos he was rude and rebel but fast I understood his problem (I suffered depression too for many years) and I had a conversation with his dad, he and I and he confessed he was very depressing and the game helped him to escape of the reality. Well I had to take all my tools fast to help him. I didn't let play more with technology, I went with him to his friends for play and he started chess lessons. I started to walk with him all the days and thank God work out now he even have hunger and smile often. But I ask myself what would be if I just focus in his bad behavior and don't care, thinking that just he have a "moment" of rebel or other. Would be terrible 😔 maybe my son had the chance to change the situation cos I walked this black road too but other teenagers don't have the same luck 😔

Reaching out to those who are suffering with their mental health is so important. Doing so with an open heart and listening to those who need to be heard. Thank you for sharing your experiences and helping to spread awareness xxxx

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For sure if you notice signs of depression or someone having suicidal thoughts reach out to them - be a life line!