Amplifying the Waves of Wellness in Your Life and Our World

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In this 10 minute video I'm going to share with you ideas for responding to the stress of our current times more effectively. This will make it easier for you to keep returning to wellness, but will also amplify that wave for others to catch and ride too.

What we learn in these extremely challenging times will be able to go forward with us in better times, to create an even more thriving experience of life for all of us hereafter. May you be deeply resourced and ever renewed. May wellness be your touchstone.

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So happy to see you started vlogging again.

We don’t run into people
We run into same energy

All I’m doing is raising my energy level and I‘m attracting the higher and calm energy

You utterly NAILED it with this comment @nathanmars!


We run into same energy

People and situations. That's why paying attention to our energy (and learning how to interpret it accurately over time) is so crucial for everything we want in life.
I'm so glad your focused on raising your energy. I celebrate your thriving.

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"The dominant weight" - what a great way to describe this energetic "vibe" around us. It IS really all about intentional work, and raising our own vibe. Hard core?? you're not kidding - we need to ramp it up to balance the cosmic soup!!

Low carb is a huge contributor to better energy and a raised vibe. 😊

Appreciate your laughter, the personal vibe that video conveys and seeing you radiate. Mixing up the modalities for communication really changes - and expands - the Hive experience, and makes it easier to show up, more often.

Thanks so much for your insightful feedback. I realized afterward, I totally forgot to mention anything about directing our thoughts and how that affects our energy too. Such is the case with videos, not able to add afterthoughts like with text. But I do think I will try to mix it up a bit going forward.

Oh, I have everything but a low-carb diet 😂 but I sososososo agree with you about us being energy-lazy!

I had never even thought about it that way, but I can recall that when I first started learning about spirituality and then walking with the Wöttüja tribe, it was so hard to me to be aware of what I was feeling and what I was going to say or ask myself if I had the energy to be responsible for what I would buy or what I would do. It was so tiring. Until, the most I tried, the easier it got.

I have a babyboy so I know how important it is to teach him to be emotionally aware. To talk and act with consciousness and to be able to look at our emotions.

This was AWESOME to hear. Thank you so much!

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walking with the Wöttüja tribe...

How fortunate you are to have received unbroken lineage Earth wisdom!
And yes, we definitely have gotten used to their being no consequences for being lazy with our vibrations. Now we notice immediately how we're doing. There is a constant invitation toward dis-ease. Over and over we have to deliberately choose ease in our flow and brightness in our vibration. Thanks for stopping by and your insightful comment. It's good to see boys being raised with emotional awareness.

Over and over we have to deliberately choose ease in our flow and brightness in our vibration.

YES and I also realize the more concentration we put on it, the farther we are of being lost in our thoughts so the healthier we get! Thank you for your insightful post as well!!

Muy buen trabajo, es muy instructivo, gracia, te sigo y te dejo mi voto.