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I'm writing to share an amazing online course I just started that's free for just a few more days. You can buy it and have "lifetime" access also. If you've been feeling demoralized or worried about the state of world affairs, here's a free training that will likely inspire more hope and confidence in you. I know I'm feeling lighter after just 2 lessons today.

The course is by a man named Charles Eisenstein and is called Political Hope: The Power of Truth and Story.

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I've only made it through the first couple videos out of about 10 in the course, but am really impressed with the way he is framing things.

In the first lesson he covers different ways of thinking of identity around the world, questioning the Western assumption of identity as "individual." He discusses the sense of isolation and how it leads to problems like greed, conflict, and selfishness, which in turn create other problems.

Why do we not include the natural world in our idea of "self?" Some people do.

The second lesson goes more deeply into the idea of problematic identities, this time covering how definition of self by who is "other" causes even more problems. He discusses the surprising direction of causation for many things we think of as problems in our world. And he covers how we turn everything into a 'war' and then stop listening to each other. Yet how we all need to come together to solve shared problems, which means we have to first stop demonizing those we disagree with.

Why do we see progress as dominating a separate world of people, plants and things, instead of seeing progress as getting better at living in harmony with all of that?

I've not made it to the third lesson yet, but I can already tell that this is a course worth putting the time into learning. As mentioned previously, right now your only investment is your time. Starting August 12, 2020 it becomes a paid course. You can also get some bonuses by paying for the course at any time.

I hope you check it out and that if you get something out of it you come back and comment below about what that is.

Food for thought right now...

  • How do you define 'self?'
  • How many neighbors on your block do you know by first and last name?
  • Pick a topic you care about, then state the opposing argument in one sentence in a way the person holding that view would agree with your expression of it.

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Thank you!!! I have bookmarked this post to dive into later tonight. I'm always interested to online courses. I have been participating in several this year that I have really enjoyed. You've given me the idea to do a post about them in the future, possibly. It sounds great and I'm excited to watch the videos :)

Thank you again!

I hope you get a lot out of it!

Thank you for sharing this with the community, I think it is important to build up on our skills of communication and awareness as we move through this huge transition xx

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Thank you. And thanks for the reblog.

I have started to listen to this, but dont think I will manage to hear it all, but I have found it really helpful. I trying my best to be prepared for what is coming, that is the best we can all do. I hope you get to get away for a while xxx

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