Salvation Through Innocence

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I'm just coming out of a group meditation session with other energy workers in which we focused on amplifying and integrating healing taking place at all levels for this New Moon in Leo. That's from source realms down to multi-universal, universal, intergalactic, galactic, solar system, planetary, and the personal being of each of us.

We focused also on systems that might be found at each level, integrating the harmonizing energy of source field into each.

There were many insights and epiphanies I had along the way, but the one I feel most motivated to share with you was at the level of human social, economic and political systems.

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Too Confining a Paradigm

What I saw were all these people looking for someone or something to rescue them within a system that was slowly (or sometimes not so slowly) killing them.

So many desperate people, each looking for salvation from false prophets.

They might bounce around between one idea of a savior to another. For example, you will find many people who voted for Obama in 2008, who then voted for Trump in 2016, and are now disaffected with Trump also. But it goes so much deeper than even that.

The issue isn't so simple as saying, "Don't vote."

That also pretends to have a solution we do not in fact have. And that acknowledgement is the actual medicine for the moment.

We humans need to realize that we are like a cancer on this planet because, like cancer, we as cells do not know our proper place within the healthy organism of life. Because we don't know our proper place within healthy relationship, our systems do not support health. They support destruction of the greater organism.

We have to recognize this with great humility so that we can allow ourselves to truly "think outside the box" of how we see ourselves living.

This is not an invitation for your ideas about what that looks like. This is an invitation to your surrender to not knowing.

In our humble innocence, something can begin to emerge from source field that reshapes our way of life in a way that heals and harmonizes all levels of being. And that's what we truly want.

We don't need better wages, or less polluting cars, or less bullying, racism, sexism, etc. Sure all those things are good within the framework we are operating in, but I would argue that the frame itself is problematic, only offering the possibility of band-aid "cures," but never actual health and wholeness.

Let It Go

I invite you to sit for a moment with these 2 questions:

1 - What if the life of your dreams was something of which you cannot conceive with your human experience no matter what you do?

2 - Are you willing to let go of all your ideas about how things ought to be, including your dream of seeing yourself achieve some ideal life, in order to experience something greater than you can imagine?

I urge you not to assume your answer with your mind. Sit with it in your body. Feel into these questions. Because at first, your answer may well be no. Actually, for most of you I know that your honest answer is no, simply because you aren't living that truth now. What you're doing now? That's your answer.

But other answers are possible, and I want you to know that too.

There is healing, health, harmony and wholeness available to us as a family, species, planet, galaxy and so on. We do have the option of being a part of that, but only if we are willing to surrender the pattern of our current idea of "living" to the harmony of the greater pattern.

If we are arrogant, if we insist on our idea of "best" prevailing, even though our human vision is so limited, then we may very well be removed from the planet as the "cure" we've been praying for.

Is the cure to this cancer surgery?

Or might it be akin to sound healing, bringing resonant harmony into the system and allowing what was once a cancerous cell to instead contribute to the health of the entire organism?

I invite you to surrender your separate, voracious resonance of your ego ideas about how things should be to a greater wisdom. Surrender your knowing for not knowing. Open to the beauty and let it show you your part in its unfolding in this world, one little step at a time.

It won't seem like a story of salvation.

It won't even look like a story of solving anything in particular, though it will be a part of exactly that, your part.

Do your part.

Let that be enough.

Sing. Dance. Be happy. Be well. And radiate that way of being through all your doing, as you allow yourself to be guided like an innocent cell in a magnificent, healthy galactic body-being.

I love you. 💞

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I will have to sit down alone and think about these questions. Meanwhile, if I can take a therapy session with you I will be more than grateful. I need someone to speak with about my life, career path and other things generally.

Also, can you break this question down bit by bit. Seems too big for my mind to comprehend. Thank you for sharing this piece. 👏❤️

I'd be happy to do a short zoom session with you to amplify the healing energy that is always flowing to you and help you integrate it more fully in your energyfield and thought stream.

To your question, the primary idea to sit with is about your investment in living your life as a main character living out a journey to success. A lot of people are invested so heavily in that that they'll sacrifice the actual experience of happiness and wholeness if that conflicts with their story. So my invitation is to explore that and see where you may be cutting off your fulfillment simply because it looks like something incompatible with what you expect. That's one. Beyond that is the allowing of the greater vision to unfold in your life. It's easy for the mind to expand after the lived experience does, so key is getting the mind out of the way so that it is even possible.

You are SO RIGHT about the paradigm being confining an all of us needing to open our cosmic-heart-selves to something limitless & eternal. Dance on!

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Sing. Dance. Be happy. Be well. And radiate that way of being through all your doing, as you allow yourself to be guided like an innocent cell in a magnificent, healthy galactic body-being.

Thankyou, beautiful girl. This is what I'm resonating with at the moment. Though things aren't turning out as I thought they would, I'm learning to truly surrender, which takes some doing. Finding myself cellular, like that - esay to do when you're in the wind and planting trees and watching birds in the sunlight.

Reading your recent post on your adjustment to the year of furlough and allowing time to be as it is definitely resonated with me. So glad to see you stop by, love. ❤️

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