Radiesthesia and Sanjeevini Healing

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In this time in which there are so many people in so much need of so many different varieties, I've been investing a lot of my attention into increasing my capacity to be of service.

One of the ways I recently discovered that I resonate with strongly is the freely available practice of Sanjeevini Healing. (You can follow that link to access the complete training materials at absolutely no cost, and translated into many languages.)

From their website:

"Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini healing is a self-learning, prayer-based spiritual healing system for awakening the innate healing power and wisdom of every being. The healing system is offered with humility, unconditional love and intense faith for the physical, mental. social, financial and spiritual upliftment of every being in the universe irrespective of religion, caste, creed, color, race or nationality.

The [Sanjeevinis] are highly focused prayers to God to heal a particular body part or a particular disease at the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual levels, using His/Her cosmic healing energy. Each Sanjeevini prayer is harnessed or captured in a Sanjeevini healing card or pattern."

How Sanjeevini Healing Works

Technically, SH is based on the science/art of Radiesthesia, which is similar to how people use dowsing to find underground water when drilling new wells. (This is the primary practice still in use in Taos, New Mexico.) It builds on the idea in a new way though. It takes the idea of reading energy for detection into the realm of energy healing.

I liken it to homeopathy's basis in that even a substance that no longer has a single molecule of a substance can heal related issues as if the substance was still there, just from its energy "imprint" still remaining.

On the method of SH:

"The healing vibrations of every Sanjeevini can be used in many ways. You can choose any way that appeals to you or is convenient for you. Some of the commonly used methods are listed below:

  1. By charging a medium of your choice (usually water, sugar globules or vibhuti) and taking this charged medium as a remedy in recommended dosage.

  2. By touching the relevant Sanjeevini Card(s) or by just looking at the Card(s) in silence or even by intensely thinking and recalling the name of the relevant card(s).

  3. By broadcasting a prepared Sanjeevini remedy to an individual or to a large group of people or to animals and plants. This method is also known as Distance healing. It is very useful during epidemics or calamities.

The most common way of dispensing the Sanjeevini remedies is in water or plain homeopathic globules. Remedies for virtually any ailment are prepared by keeping the water or the globules on the desired Sanjeevini cards for a certain time (15 seconds or more). Repeating an affirmation, a mantra or a prayer from any religion or faith (there is only One God, Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent), while preparing the remedies is highly recommended. It strengthens the positive healing vibrations going out to the patient, besides doing immense good to the healer and our planet in general.

The water or the globules thus charged with the healing prayers become the remedy to be taken frequently in acute cases (6 to 9 times a day or more), and at longer intervals (3 to 6 times a day) for chronic cases."

For distance healing you place the prepared substance on a broadcasting card, with an image or the name of the person on the other end of the card. This doesn't have to be done multiple times a day the way the injestion method does.

"Leave the broadcast on for as long as required i.e. until the patient shows signs of healing. This could be a few minutes in some cases where the response is almost instantaneous or a couple of days/weeks or more in other cases.

You can reenergize your broadcast once a day (or whenever you are guided from within) by visualizing the broadcast in your mind then praying/chanting/being silent."

This is the method that appeals to me at any distance, since I'm not into consuming substances.

image source

In My Experience

Many years ago I received a distance healing from an old man who said the ability had arisen in him spontaneously. He found that when he would pray for someone to be relieved of any illness, they would.

At the time I was recovering from abdominal surgery and having difficulties related to that had gone on for a couple years. After a single session I was better, and it lasted for several months. I did then relapse and have to call him for another session. Unfortunately the second time it didn't work, which I'll speak more about later.

What he was doing was very similar to how SH works. They also combine prayer with the principles of being able to imbue a substance with the imprint of specific ailments and/or parts of the body.

Another thing I learn from the experience relates to the handling of money as payment for the healing. SH is offered at no cost. I can't find a Donation link on their site. Similarly, the old man did accept donations, but he charged nothing.

That slight difference is something I will also speak to later. For myself and my own healing work, the SH approach reflects my perspective now. For many years I did sessions by donation, but there was always an expectation of some payment. Now my sessions are truly free, and I only ask that recipients make a donation of either time or money to some cause they care about to pass the blessing on to others and balance their karma.

While I don't knock people who are still supporting themselves financially through work and therefore having to charge a flat fee for their healing sessions or training, there is a different quality when I encounter something that is truly free. As I mentioned in my previous post on transactional vs relational cultures, I prefer circuits of giving that go round-and-round far more than ones that go back-and-forth, tit-for-tat.

As one of the commentators there pointed out, within a loving relationship exchanges between two people that could be considered transactions (e.g. one buying something from the other) can certainly be beautiful and healing. To me though, within transactions, the loving quality of relationship generally doesn't seem to be present, or if present to be strong enough to overcome the grasping, greed, sense of lack and other impediments to the unfettered flow of energy that get triggered within back-and-forth transactions.

When the energy goes around a circle though, it seems these impediments are far less likely to be triggered. This matters when it comes to healing, which brings me back to the point I mentioned earlier about how my first received healing didn't last.


I'm now speaking directly of my own experience and primarily about a healer who did not call himself a SH healer. He simply used a method that I've since learned is very much like theirs. So what I'm about to say is not what they would necessarily say, just what I took from my experience with something like this. I've never actually met an official SH healer, so can't speak directly to that.

But in my case with the old man (who is long deceased and whose name I don't even recall anymore), the second healing I had for the same issue did not work. I found no relief at all and it was actually many, many years later that I finally was free of that problem through medical means.

He was audibly upset when I told him it had improved then gotten worse and that I'd waited so long to come back to him for another session. He said that when it worked I should have immediately called back to schedule another remote healing session, and that this would have anchored the effects.

There are two issues that were at play in why my healing didn't wind up being "permanent."

One: Transactional Impediments
Two: Levels of Healing

One, I didn't call him back because I simply didn't want to pay for another session. As long as it was working, I saw no reason to pay again. Once it stopped working it was a while before I was convinced it really had stopped working and that I needed to pay for another session. I was shopping for health the way I shop for anything, bargain-hunting. Had the session been completely free, as SH works and as I now work, likely I would have asked for another session as soon as I saw it was working, rather than waiting for it to stop. I would have taken a health maintenance approach instead of a problem solving approach if money was no issue, assuming I felt worthy of wellness. Which brings me to...

Two: From what I've been learning about energy healing in general, I think he was right that had I gone back for the second session sooner it would have worked for a longer period. However, fundamentally the issue would have kept coming back, because I was still holding the same reasons within my developmental field that had caused the issue in the first place. We were working essentially at healing the symptoms, but there were deeper reasons for those symptoms arising in the first place.

Just as there can be impediments a person puts up to receiving healing at the time it is given, such as guilt or stinginess that block the flow due to the transactional nature of how the people are relating, there can also be inner impediments related to our spiritual development.

If we have something to learn from an illness, any healing can only be temporary until that lesson is completed.

The issue may change form if we force allopathic medicine on it, such as pharmaceuticals and surgeries, but it will come back as some other ailment.

In energy/spiritual healing, it will likely come back in the same form after some period of relief. The reason you do the healing of symptoms is so that the person has some relief while they take the time to work on the underlying issues.

The primary form of healing is often happening in energy fields other than the physical energy body. It may be in the etheric field (closest to the body), astral, soul, ancestral, and so on. The approaches to energy healing I like most follow the energy instead of forcing it the way the medical field does.

image source

So for me, even while adding a new brush like SH to my paintset, I don't for a moment think it is meant to replace what I'm already doing that is more holistic in its nature. Which isn't to say there aren't aspects of SH that are also more holistic, but if you go through their materials I think you'll also come away with the impression that most people are using this to treat physical ailments. Out of hundreds of prayer cards, all relate to body parts and physical ailments except for a couple that look at spiritual wisdom and a few that look at psychological/personality issues.

I am going to spend more time studying this system and will probably use it as part of what I draw upon in helping someone, but I won't be promising physical cures as an idea of what I do. It's good if we can lessen someone's immediate physical suffering, but my focus remains on balancing, clearing and harmonizing energies at more subtle levels, so that there is no reason for them to be held onto in physical form. (This includes the biochemistry related to psychological health, as well as physical dis-ease.)

What Has Your Experience Been?

Have you ever received or given any sort of spiritual or energy healing, particularly remotely?

If so, please share what modality it was and your perspective on what was fundamentally happening.

Thanks for reading.

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I stumbled upon your channel by stumbling upon your helpful YT video a few days ago. I'm so glad I did! (I lost a little weight with Keto, but fell off the wagon). With you talking Mars Rx and have this pretty little Abundance Tribe logo, I fell a kindred spirit already! I'm confused about using this and all the little error messages that pop up when I try to do something. I'm new on Peakd and so glad to find you.

I'm so glad you found our little community here, and glad you resonate with some of my posts. You happen to be coming as we're in the midst of a hardfork (code change) so things are a little glitchy here and there. Should settle down in the coming weeks. I think something was tried, then postponed. Not sure, but I definitely noticed having to click repeatedly these past couple weeks around when the fork was supposed to happen. Enjoy your journey here!

I have never heard of Radiesthesia and Sanjeevini Healing, thank you for sharing your knowledge of it with us all and how it works. I also believe that we need to focus on the ways in which we can be more of service to others xxx
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Thank you very much for sharing your healing experience and also the information about this method.

I haven't heard it before, I will check the link you shared.

I have years practicing Reiki and I make use of radiesthesia through the pendulum, I have studied other forms of healing but in practice I have concentrated on these two systems that I mentioned because I have felt more comfortable with them.

Greetings ✨

Yay, another Reiki practitioner! Reiki was my first introduction to energy medicine. Eventually I went to Reiki Master on that path, then also Johrei, which also arose from the primary practice of Medicine Buddha. I also received MB empowerments from all 4 lineages it is found in within Tibetan Buddhism. I say all this to say I have a very, very strong connection to that energy. How interesting that you do too and also to radiesthesia, which is new to me. May we both find deep resonance, support and utility in the radiesthesia practice offered through Sanjeevini.

wooo!! interesting your tour, I love it!! Amen 🙏, I hope it's an equally healing path for both of us and the people we can help with that technique, when I review the information I will surely be contacting you.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you ✨

Buen post! Gracias por compartir! 😉🙏

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