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Lately I've been dividing my time between two things: energywork and yield farming. This post is about the former.

The energetic currents are tumultuous right now, and that will only be increasing over the next several months. During this time it's vital that we all resource more deeply in that which is unlimited and committed to love. It is vital we turn away from fear and toward that which we wish to cultivate.

Even the idea of "protection" needs to be framed more in terms of that which we wish to cultivate, giving it the right environment in which to flourish. Pushing against and trying to contain "other" anytime there is not a direct and immediate physical threat, will prove counter-productive. It will instead amplify the power of what we don't want to see have power over us.

Galactic Choices and Ultimate Sourcing

It's easy to think that all guides are angel guides, loving guides, harmonious guides. But really there is diversity of beliefs at the galactic level just as there is at the human level. Think of the person whose way of living you most disagree with. Well that person has guides who are guiding and energizing them to be as they are!

It is for this reason that while we can wisely look to our guides for wisdom and direction, it is important that we primarily draw energy directly from Source.

We can resource ourselves by connecting to the planet, to the sun, to the wind, to any element, to our guides and angels also. But it is wise to first anchor our energy to Source realm and then connect from there to intermediary levels of energetic manifestation.

Not all influences lead us to choices that increase harmony in our lives or that of others. The more we connect with and amplify energies that do guide us wisely, the more we find situations shifting around us to more easily support harmony and well-being. The world really needs that in this upcoming period.

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Allow your awareness to ascend through your central channel, going up past the top of your head, then up through the sky, the atmosphere, the solar system, the galaxy, through other galaxies, into the next universe, then through multi-verses, and finally connecting with the source of all existence. Allow yourself to feel that connection for a moment.

Now allow your awareness to descend through your central channel, through the seat you are on, through the floor of the building you're in, into the ground, going deeply into the Earth, then through the Earth and out through the sky on the other side, through the atmosphere, the solar system, the galaxy, through other galaxies, into the next universe, then through multi-verses, and finally connecting with the source of all existence. Feel the connection with Source below for a few moments, basking in that deep anchoring.

Now notice the energy flowing from Source below, up through the planet, through you, up, up, up, connecting finally with Source above. Feel this current running through your from Source to Source.

Now notice the reverse energy also present, from Source above, through you to Source below. Rest in the awareness of these dual currents, moving in both directions through you at all times, anchoring you to Source.

If you can, imagine the energy cascading out and around like a fountain as it reaches Source above, flowing all the way around to source below. Imagine the same in reverse as it reaches Source below, flowing up and around to reach Source above. The full Torus looks like this, with you at the very center.


Image source

With your awareness you bring more of the effect of this connection into your physical, mental and emotional lived experience.

We Are the Weavers

If you are reading this, it is because you are one of the weavers of what comes next. You are helping to hold the center of harmony and well-being, even as things fall apart, making way for a higher order harmony and well-being. The transition need not be chaotic and rife with suffering. For some it will be, but we want to make well-being accessible in this time to as many beings as we possibly can.

The more we amplify the harmony and well-being within ourselves, the more we amplify the same within the collective, making it more available to all. We can also gently remind others of the power of their focus on what they wish to amplify and cultivate in their lives, trusting that they don't need to know what needs to happen externally to foster that flourishing. Our work is focus, not manifestation.

There is so much that is happening right now that I'm sure you wish wasn't happening, for the world and perhaps for yourself. Just remember that you are resourced in the infinite.

What is happening is not happening to you, but within you.

You are greater than anything that might seek to harm you, but it is up to you to identify with that part of yourself. The visualization above is meant to help you do that, but feel free to use other methods that anchor you in the ultimate good.

We were made for this. All is well.

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This is so powerful, I wish we could all see that this is an opportunity for change and move away from the fear that is crippling so many. Such a powerful exercise, thank you for sharing this with us all xxxx
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I'm glad to hear it resonates. I too wish to see people shift out of fear mode, which is so counter-productive. Right now many forces are taking advantage of that fear, and none of it serves us.

Thanks so much for the reblog. ❤️

The more we amplify the harmony and well-being within ourselves, the more we amplify the same within the collective, making it more available to all.

This is vital. The better we are, the better everything around us is. Lots of people attempt to help others by giving up their time and energy, and ultimately crippling their own well-being.

Stupendous post as usual!

Thanks for your kind and thoughtful words. And yes, it is a common mistake to basically try to create an external state that hasn't yet been generated internally. There is a lot of pushing, both at others and pushing ourselves beyond our limits, that happens when trying to create change like that. A person actually depletes their energy and becomes less of what they're trying to create in the world. But if we can generate within ourselves what we want to experience in the world, and go beyond that to cultivate, grow and gain dependable access to it, then we become the medicine we wish to give the world.

You know, I loved what you wrote so much I used your tool to meditate this afternoon after my asana practice. Connecting to the infinite is incredibly powerful and does seem to counter the feelings of being disempowered.

I'm so glad you did the practice. So often people read practices instead of doing them.
I can't take credit for it as mine though. There is a lot out there on toroidal fields and working with them. I learned through a path called Syntara myself, and you'll find it in many different mystery schools. Their are toroidal fields all around and through us. This one though is the mega-field connecting us to Source, so to me the most foundational one.


Thank you.

Happy to.

Thanks so much for the tweet! Retweeted. ❤️

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