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Here is a key insight I've clarified in reflection on wisdom of The Gene Keys, Osho, Mooji and Eckhart Tolle:

Death is merely a doorway. On the other side is more wonder and "life," but it's so important to get everything we can out of what's on this side of that doorway before going through it. It's a one way door.

If one accepts this, there is no reason to fear death per se. However, neither is there reason to act as if we have all the time in the world and are going to get to live this particular life story forever.

This body has an expiration date. When it comes around, the entire story of the history of what this body has seen and done is going to end. When your story's ending comes, I hope it's one you can rest easily within, feeling complete.

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The Future

Nah, not there. Don't look there for the purpose of life that is supposed to give you this "happy ending." The life of fulfillment that allows you to die in peace is not lived by focusing on the future.

Face your doubts, your fears, your worries, your shame, blame, guilt, anger... all your shadow emotions... face them as they arise right now, with your life just as it is.

Only through the process of facing and then following the trail of what is in the shadow will you find your way to the source of the light.

You cannot follow a shadow that has yet to be cast. There is nothing for you in the future, until it becomes the present.

Look here.

Feel now.

What do you find when you pay attention to whatever you've been looking away from?

Can you sit with whatever that is for a few minutes?

Seriously. Think of something you've been avoiding lately, then get yourself into a relaxed, deeply resourced state, and sit in contemplation with that idea, situation, or relationship. Perhaps do some writing or drawing in response to help deepen your understanding.

Maybe you're worried about money because of a lockdown where you are shutting your business or job.

Can you go for a walk among trees, sit by water, play with a dog, take a hot bath, or otherwise find a way into a relaxed state in which you have the internal resources to face what's hard for you to face?

That contemplation is unlikely to put money in your bank account the next day (although stranger things have happened, so don't rule it out either). What it will do is set you on the path to the blessing latent within the challenge.

If you can do this, it will bear tremendous fruits. It will increase your capacity to meet the opportunities of your life, which always lie on the other side of meeting the fears that prevented you from having achieved whatever that is already.

All that has ever held you back has been your unwillingness to be all you could be in this lifetime, with that body and life history and with the world just as it is. Your own ideas of your limitation have limited you.

That's real though. It's a set of thought-forms that truly are holding you away from the unlimited freedom to define yourself you would otherwise have. Pretending they aren't there because you wish they weren't or think there is something wrong with the situation does no good. You must actually dissolve the energy of those thought-forms back into the pure, undifferentiated light from which they came

Fighting or resenting the need for growth, really the OPPORTUNITY for growth, is futile and kind of ridiculous.

Take responsibility for getting the support you need to grow, then grow.

Again, the way of doing this I'm suggesting is to do something to get deeply relaxed, then engage with something you've been avoiding that keeps coming up again anyway.

It won't stop coming up, because you keep praying for something, and whatever that is requires you to face this feared thing and follow it to the light before it can manifest.

That path leads always through the present to the present. It is never a plan you see looking forward, only back.

A Great Story

"When you think of freedom you think that you will be there and will be free. But you will no be there. Freedom means freedom from the self, not of the self." - Osho

I first heard that quote many years ago, over a decade. I continue to find new layers of understanding within it. Here is what I have come to as of yet:

The key to living a story you're happy to die with no matter when you die, is accepting the perfection of your now moment in every moment you live.

To do this you must fully commit to life with no conditions, qualifications and/or hopes. You must unconditionally embrace the life that is living itself through you, giving your best to each moment no matter what obstacles it may be putting up for you to navigate, even though you've been given no assurances of where this plot line is leading.

You do your best each moment without attachment to outcome. You're not trying to force a particular story. You're playing your part and watching the story that is left in your wake as you move through the waters of life.

You trust your intrinsic value. You trust the benevolence of life. You trust that you have something of value to share and that your getting to share it is what you are being steered toward.

In Summary

As you do the above, you will find that you are living more and more of your possibility on this side of the doorway called death. Then when you finally go through it -- whatever may be happening with your body -- in your heart, mind and spirit you'll be dancing through that door.

Onward and upward indeed.

But most importantly, you won't have to wait to go through that door before you know freedom. You will be freedom.

You will be immortal, for you will know yourself as that which was never born and will never die while you are still experiencing time through that very body you're in right now. That is the freedom that comes from dissolving past and future into the eternal here and now.

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It's a post with a very deep content that invites you to internalize many things. I think I'll read it a couple more times, I loved the phrases and all the reflection you built around them. I just wrote a post a couple of days ago about my vision of living in the present moment.

I loved this phrase "Only through the process of facing and then following the trail of what is in the shadow will you find your way to the source of the light".

And also when you say: "What it will do is set you on the path to the blessing latent within the challenge"

It is undoubtedly a blessing latent...

Thank you for this gift of life 🎁

Blessings and hugs

I'm glad it resonates with you. I flesh out my thoughts as I'm writing sometimes. This is a post I have to re-read myself. It's still brewing. Thanks for your comment.

How interesting, I feel that it is the same for me, writing in part is a reflection of my own experience, as if I were writing it for myself and without thinking I have had many "insights" in this way.

Your post besides having a deep content is really very beautiful 😍

Blessings ✨

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I am so sorry we didn't get to this earlier. Things have got away from us. A beautiful response, with beautiful quotes, from a beautiful soul. Thankyou. - @riverflows.