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Hello I am ICON BASSEY the first child in the family of four, two boys and two girls. I’m from Ibiono Ibom local government of Akwa-Ibom State, in Nigeria I love reading and a deep thinking enthusiast, the guy with a good heart, I’m slim in body size, tall in height, and dark in complexion I like putting a smile on my face because it gets my foe confused most times. I am happy to be here.

i'm Glad to join the HIVE Blockchain and was invited by @obrisgold1 . i'm a Professional graphics designer, in Uyo, I actually learned graphics through online classes.

I am always focus and so I hate tricks, am a kind that knows what I want and will do everything possible to get it, I am prone to clean environment and so I love being healthy, and there is a saying that goes thus “health is wealth”. Also i will love to working on computer because thats what I have passion for. And I also like doing research.
My hobbies are studying

I love travelling and meeting people that enables me learn new things.

i love cooking food like Rice, plantain, beans, noodles and yam at my leisure time though I’m not a good cook, but being someone that has lived alone i cook on my own and i discovered that cooking is fun laughs hope my coming here will make me learn more and impact lives.

im a christian i believe in the all mighty God.
Thanks everyone....


welcome to hive bro..........

Hi Icon, I am Johnny, from Venezuela. Welcome to Hive and especially to the Natural Medicine community. I look forward to seeing your articles, I am anxious to read and learn more about you. It's a pleasure to have you here and thank you for introducing yourself.

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Hello Icon, you are welcome to our beautiful and warm community of Natural Medicine. I am very impressed that you are a graphic designer, your designs must be beautiful and vibrant. I await your publications, to learn more about the culture of your country. Greetings and blessings.
My name is Fedora, nice to meet you.