Welded Pumpkin Pie Crumble


It seems I never learn am a slow learner. A few months ago I was asked to bake shortbread cookies for a local cafe. I obliged, but I had a few dud batches because I was working with butter in 40°C (100°F) heat. Rather than chucking them on the compost heap, some went into a lockdown dessert.


The rest, on the advice of a good, baker friend, were saved to use for biscuit crusts - like for a fridge tart or cheesecake.

Pumpkin pie, I thought, would be good. Now, knowing their history, I should have known that butter was an issue and blitzed the (buggered as they became known) biscuits crumbs and then gradually added the butter. I didn't. I looked at my recipe and the quantity of butter. Guestimated a little less. Then I baked it. On the instruction/advice of the Google experts.

My friend arrived with her usual Friday bread delivery and found me with a greasy messy base...She said she'd not have baked it. Regardless of the Google experts. She said it'd probably be fine:

Carry on with what you're doing - let it harden gradually, making sure the crust is evenly spread.


She has much more confidence in me than I!

I took her advice and "did" the rest of the pie. It looked ok when it came out of the oven. As did the little ones that I made sans crust with the extra filling.


Until I tried to liberate them from the dish and/or muffin pan. The crustless ones came out but were not pretty. The biscuit crust, on the other hand, seemed as though it had melted into the glass. I nearly called for a chisel.


The last two slices came out perfectly.

Photo opp material.

They were delicious with pouring cream and a single fresh strawberry - shared between two, and rescued from the resident guinea fowl pair.


Will I make it again?

With a biscuit crust?

Hell yes. And I'll pay more attention...

The verdict was that the saltiness of the butter was a great counter to the very sweet pumpkin filling.

The neighbours, I'm told, who'd never tasted it before, have saved some for this evening, and will be back for more. Music to any cook's ears.

Until next time, be well
The Sandbag House
McGregor, South Africa

Photo: Selma

Post Script

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How reluctant we oldies are to throw food away, always find another way to use what most would say in not, then tip it out.

That pie looks awesome good, talking of pumpkin I made fritters the other day, family thoroughly enjoyed them calling for more.... they don't eat that yellow veg so this was another triumph in divide and concur.

@tipu curate

They don't eat yellow veg? But will eat pumpking fritters? Hahaha! Carrot cake, I suppose they do, too?

Yes, I hate waste and especially when butter's so expensive.

That looks very good. It will certainly taste good too!

LG Michael


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As much as I pretty much hate pumpkin, I would LOVE to try that one- exactly that one. Not a new one that you will concentrate on next time, but that mess cause it looks just like I love them, big, fat and juicy and definitely messy, the messier they are, the better they taste and I believe that that is a fact (atleast in my tested and tasted opinion anyway...lol..)

Soooo, ummm can you send some to Australia???

And do Pumpkin pies actually taste like pumpkin?

AND what sort of pumpkins do you use to make Pumpkin Pie cause I don't like the big blue jack pumpkins, but I don't 'mind' the Butternuts....

Anyway, I'll have some! 😃


I'll start at the end: I made this with pumpkin and I've made it with butternut and no, it doesn't really taste like either - strongly. The spices and lots of sugar dominate.

You'll have to settle for virtual mail order next time I make one. The very last morsels were consumed after supper last evening. I do admit, it was the best I'd ever made. Sorry! Well, not really!

I'll do it again. And depending on local demand, it may or may not be ahead of November 2021!

I knew you wouldn't be able to resist it!
So sorry not sorry I wouldn't be too sorry either cause sometimes you just have to close your eyes and dive in to the messy deliciousness and ignore everyone else!

Well I look forward to licking my computer screen next time you make one! 😂

Order noted!😂


This looks sooo good Fiona! Maybe some extra spray n cook next time? But this happens to all of us, at least you got 2 nice slices out of it for the photos ;)
Well done on completing your blog a day!
PS, I like your title!

Hahaha! Thank you. I don't think that would have solved the problem, but next time...