Strange Times call for Comfort Food

It's a strange time of hot days, (mercifully) unseasonally cool nights and virgin spritzers as we eke out our tiny wine stash during the alcohol ban.

With that, and our tomato bounty, comfort food is essential. Tomato pasta.

The sauce is simple but extravagant if tomatoes are expensive: about 8 (million🤭), skins removed, 3 cloves of garlic, olive oil, a bay leaf and fresh basil (optional). In a pan and reduce (i.e. simmer for about a day🤭) over a low heat until it forms a rich, thick sauce.

So cool, that Princess Pearli has been commandeering my lap after dinner making anything other than being a couch potato impossible.

Until next time, be well
The Sandbag House
McGregor, South Africa

Photo: Selma

Post Script

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    Did you say wine ban? Are you okay?

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    The pasta looks delicious!
    Did I read "simmer for a about a DAY" correct? 👀😯

    🤣hyperbole. Like the million tomatoes 🍅🍅

    Seriously, though, it takes about an hour, so it's not a quick thing. That said, one of the first "cooking" lessons I learned was that if you are cooking from scratch, even quick meals need an hour - including prep.

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    Hahaha I was very worried for a second!
    But then imagine a big pot hanging over a low woodfed fire, with a bit spoon and people taking turn to stir. I pictured it as a cultural happening 😂😂😂. My imagination totally got the best of me

    Now, that is not far from what happens when I make Passata! Only difference is the gas stove. That lovely picture is now in my brain, too!

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