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RE: If it makes you feel “blah”, turn it off (Self Help for Trolls #7)

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I disagree that there is more we share in common than not with white supremasists, that's who we're talking about right? You are right to try and ignore it and shut it out, it's a priviledge to stay calme and to have them in front of a screen as opposed to real life.

Mindfulness regarding social media is totally where I'm at too, currently listening to an audio book on Ikigai.

I love your positive outlook, keep these videos coming luv.


Thanks 😀

I don’t think there are THAT many real white surpremicists, out there. Sure there are some, but they are probably all inbred and have never left their hometown. Small world makes for a limited world view.

Most people are just too overwhelmed with their own issues and didn’t receive enough love as a child so they don’t have compassion or patience to care about other peoples problems. And in that sense I think most people arguing on social media are the same.

I think we all deserve fulfilling and peaceful lives. I always make a very conscious effort to stay away from emotionally unstable people and overly aggressive people. It’s not easy but finding or building a community that doesn’t engage in all that makes it much easier.