Ready to Fly! And Meanwhile, Nature Just Does its Thing...

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The original owners of our house built an assortment of bird nesting boxes directly onto the house... and even though I am more familiar with birdhouses as something you hang up trees, these seem to be used quite diligently by our local population of feathered ones.

One such box is attached to the side of our shed, seems to be a favorite home for swallows; they have been using it for years, so I'm guessing it must be a multi-generational thing, by now.

One of the young ones, peering out

Seems like we have almost always had swallows nesting on/near our house.

Normally, they seem to like building and attaching their own clay structures directly to the sides of the house — typically under the eaves — like they did at our old place, where this picture was taken:

On top of a light bulb, of all places...

The ones that nested on top of the floodlights on our old garage also came back year after year... at least they nest in the summer when the days are long, so not being able to turn on the lights for a few months wasn't a huge issue.

Strange place to choose to have a nest, though...

The current generation we don't get to see much... because they tend to stay completely hidden in their little "house." We hear them though, and every now and then we spot the parents coming and going.

This is actually the first time in many years we have caught a glimpse of the youngsters!

Young swallow, contemplating the world...

In a few days, I expect they'll be gone for another season... for the moment, we enjoy the tiny faces examining the big world.

Mom still comes by every few minutes to feed them.

MOM! Where are you??? I'm HUNGRY!!

I find it very restful to just hide around the corner and watch them... a gentle reminder that in spite of all the Covid and Chaos in the world, nature just continues doing it's thing.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

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This has my heart smiling and my spirit singing. What a far-sighted and sensitive soul who built the nesting boxes against the house, which I'm sure gives shelter from bad weather and also warmth during the winter. We also have LOADS of birds who nest on and around our Thai wooden house all year round - they give us so much joy!!

Your post contributed something really lovely to the world today.

Thank you for your kind words @artemislives, appreciate it! We have done our best to create a sanctuary of sorts here... even though we are only on 2/3 acre, it has become like a small park where we get all manners of creatures and birds that aren't really seen in numbers around here.

We've been following (loosely) a campaign on the theme of "GROW it, don't MOW it" to get away a bit from the typical empty lawns of suburbia. It works... at least for us!

You're a wonderful earth custodian!! We don't own a mower or any sort of electrical 'thing" - we cut with a machete when we have to and let it be as natural as we can too. We have hundreds of birds and critters happily living in our wild Thai space, and I love it.


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Handed this hot potato to @pooky-jax to read. My wife Kelly likes her bird houses and feeders. But no hummingbird feeders this year. I may have to take her in for a mental health check up?

Good Post DenMan, good photos.

We've got quite a few hummies too... they like the many flowers in the yard, as well as just visiting the feeders.

We like having the bird houses around the place. I like to think it cuts down on the bug and mosquito population, too... doesn't ever seem to be much of a problem here!

Lovely post!!! I am hooked with the way you tell your story. "MOM! Where are you??? I'M HUNGRY!!" That made me laugh! 😍

Thank you for sharing your story. ❤

Thank you! My favorite kind of writing has always been to simply share what I see around me in a "conversational" tone... sometimes I even succeed pretty well!

What a LOVELY way to live! Sharing your home with all kinds of tinier beings 😍
Those babies look beautiful. I'm sure they love their warm home!!

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We like to make our property — even though it's not all that large — as "nature friendly" as possible. We probably have too many voles and rabbits, but that also means we have owls... and when the owls sit on the fence or the gable of the garage, they keep the pigeons from eating the freshly sprouted veggies in our garden. It's all a matter of finding balance...