The Healthy Way Of Kimchi

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Most of us got to know about Kimchi in Korean dramas when these shows become extremely popular.

Kimchi is basically Chinese cabbage mixed with onions, garlic, radish, ginger and chili paste.

Below were the two types of Kimchi that I managed to buy from my local supermarket.



Both photographs above were taken by @delegate4food.

The truth is it was quite hard to buy Kimchi during Covid-19 as it goes out of stock really quickly.

It was fortunate that we were able to buy some.

My wife likes to cook Kimchi fried rice which is an easy dish to come up.

We are able to find many videoclips about cooking Kimchi fried rice too.

Video Source


It is a great way to boost up our healthy bacteria like probiotics when we enjoy low-calorie kimchi as a healthy choice.

It can help us to lower our cholesterol as research had shown that those who eat Kimchi regularly have lower level of bad cholesterol.

The antioxidants in Kimchi is able to help in protecting us from heart disease since it is able to stabilize our damaged cells.

As a low-calorie food, it can help with our weight loss while eating something tasty.

Kimchi can help us to have a good balance between the good and harmful bacteria in our gut.

It also helps to reduce inflammation in our gut because of its natural probiotics.

Possible side effects to note

Kimchi can be really good for most people but the spiciness may just trigger acid reflux for those who are sensitive to spice.

There may be bloating feeling in the abdomen for some after eating kimchi.

We must also take note of the amount of sodium in Kimchi.

We can find lots of videos online about the benefits of Kimchi.

Below is a videoclip by Dr. Berg.

Video Source

I hope that this gives you an alternative way to stay healthy with the great taste of Kimchi.


I love Kimchi and make my own all the time as it is my favorite food for a healthy stomach.

It is great that you know how to make your own Kimchi. During Covid-19, the ready-made ones go out of stock often.

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Kimchi IS amazing stuff and it's so much better to make it yourself. Super easy. If you trawl back through my blog there's a step by step how to - my Thai daughter and I LOVE making kimchi.

Kimchi rice is good. We're having kimchi soup too. But kimchi pancakes? THE best.

My family loves Kimchi too but we are buying the ready-made ones. My wife does cook Kimchi fried rice using the ready-made kimchi. We have tasted Kimchi pancakes for our food stores too. Making our own Kimchi is a good idea especially now different types of common food can be out of stock due to Covid-19. Almost everyone is cooking at home because of lockdown.

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I love Kimchi but it is harder to find in the stores here and I, as of yet, have not gotten into making fermented foods - so beneficial!

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