My experience with the first dose of the Covid Vaccine. Aka: how to speedrun getting your ass blasted.

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Felt like doing something different from my usual content, mostly because I'm literally feeling like such ultra mega dogshit that I can't be bothered to write a game review, make a video or record guitar stuff. So, why not kill some time and talk about why I feel so absolutely terrible right now. Friday morning at around 7am, I headed to one of the local vaccine spots to get my first jab of the Moderna vaccine. After filling out some quick paperwork, I got called back and the nurse did a great job of making me not feel anything when I got the actual shot. I sat for about 15 minutes to make sure my body didn't decide to nuke itself into asphyxiation, then went back to the car with my fiancee and got my soggy ass home.

Now, before I left, the nurse had told me because I had already had covid I might have much stronger symptoms than someone who hadn't had it with this first dose. I know this to be true, as my fiancee was told the same thing and got hers about a week before mine. And, she had a migraine for 2 days and some body aches for about 24 hours. It was very similar to when she actually had COVID, as her symptoms were literally just that but for about a week. So, I went into this hoping maybe I wouldn't have too much of a reaction to it, and I could skate by like she did with little issue. However, if you know anything about me, then you know that the universe has an intense hatred for my existence and likes to spread its cheeks and shove my face into it on a regular basis. And, boy, did it do it here as well!

It's been 24 hours now, and I can say that the last 16 of it has been pure fucking ass. At first, my arm was just a bit sore and that was all that happened. That went on for a few hours, and my arm started feeling more and more dead as time went on. I would compare the arm pain to that of getting a tetanus shot, and it seems like the duration of the pain is about the same. Later in the evening around 7pm, I started to noticeably feel ill. I thought maybe the headache I was having and the minor body aches was going to be the worst of it. But, shit just kept getting worse the more time went on. I quite literally have every symptom that you could possibly have from the vaccine, which is as follows:

  • Fever (This has been going on for about 12 hours, with a temp of around 99.7F-100.3F
  • Chills (These have been coming and going, but made it very hard for me to get comfortable)
  • Nausea (My stomach has rebelled against me and is conspiring for my downfall)
  • Muscle Aches (This has been mostly in my calves/knees and back for some reason. Probably because my bones are that of a man who is 4040 years old.)
  • Headache/Migraine (This has been going on for several days previously due to a sinus infection I have, but the vaccine has made it much worse. On the bright side, I can't take the meds my doctor wanted me to have as it could fuck up the vaccine for me. Hell yeah.)
  • Fatigue (I feel like you could call me lil' brittle and put me in an old folks home with how weak and worn out I've been feeling.)
  • My arm is fucked. (Yeah, that's about it. It's dead, dead as hell.)
  • And as a bonus, accelerated resting heart rate! (This is something I didn't see mentioned, but my resting heart rate has went from 60-65BPM, to around 85-90BPM. To be fair, I don't usually keep track of this when I'm ill, so maybe that's normal.

But, I can certainly say I don't regret getting the vaccine. Even if I literally feel like a soggy paper bag that has been rubbed all over a homeless man for days. All of my symptoms here are probably about only 40-50 percent as bad as I felt when I actually had covid. Thankfully, I'm not coughing up globs of bloody mucus from the vaccine, or feeling like I have to cough literally every single moment that I breath. Seriously, fuck covid. Beyond all of that, I haven't been able to sleep much in the past 24 hours. I've had about 3 hours of broken up sleep, and expect that to continue through today probably, unless my symptoms subside. (They can last anywhere from 24-72 hours, so I guess we'll see.) Definitely not looking forward to round 2, but I'll deal with it 100 times over being infected again.

I hope that for the rest of you who get the vaccine, that you don't have to deal with all this bullshit and can just skate by with minimal reaction. But, you should probably take your following day off from work as a safety precaution, just a pro-tip unless you have a fetish for feeling like a half dead corpse while you work.

I hope you've enjoyed my rant, now feed me Hive for my misery, you suckers. I'm gonna go back into bed and rot for a bit. So, until next time, doods.



That's pretty shit, but it should still be worth having. I had the AstraZeneca and just felt a little rough for half a day, but then I don't think I've have the COVID. Just want to get through these shit times without too many more people dying.

Be well.

That's pretty shit, but it should still be worth having.

100 percent, yeah. I just would have liked some better RNG luck here and maybe not had to feel like a truck full of disease backed up into me is all.

You be well as well, dood.

the nurse had told me because I had already had covid I might have much stronger symptoms than someone who hadn't had it with this first dose.

Aren't I glad I never got the real thing. The jab put me out for 24 hours and then was gone.

I'm about 32 hours in and still feel like I'm perpetually stuck in this scene

Tks for the feedback and info.

your post is really insightful, thank you for sharing! here's to feeling better soon! 🙂

The wife had the Astra Zeneca one the other day and felt crap for a day, but has bounced back quite quickly. So far the universe has kept its cheeks closed for her.

Sorry you're feeling so shit, and hope you come out the other side soon.