Unlikely bouquets

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Unlikely bouquets
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original poetry and photographs
— — — by @d-pend — — —
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Unlikely bouquets

The days of life are unlikely bouquets
of blooms unopened, half-open or full,
all bursting with the fragrance of the lands
exotic, far-off: wafting from the stars
that wait and flicker, watch and smile down
on figures holding forth — their umbras cast
on bushes, crags, and waterfalls, and plains:
shining down on deserts and on mounts,
high pinnacles illuminate with fire
and lend to flow'ring days effulgent grace.

The days of life are unlikely bouquets—
they flourish, wither: underneath our gaze.

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Writing and photos by Daniel Pendergraft
created to be published on HIVE
on April 29, 2020

( photos taken
wih iPhone 8+ using
a 15x macro lens attachment )

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Beautiful lines to share with us. Thanks so much, sir, @d-pend

You're welcome @mcsamm and I appreciate you visiting my blog :-)

I found this so achingly beautiful: The unlikely bouquets that wither under our gaze.

Vibrant, luscious images that make me want to go out into the garden. You have quite a gift, @d-pend - more please!!!



I like the way this poem starts out:

of blooms unopened,
half-open or full,
all bursting with the fragrance of the lands

There is so much wisdom we find in small delicate things of nature. The poem sweeps us up on a delicious journey enjoying even the smell. This is one I have really tried to capture but missed.

My favorite authors integrate five senses into their stories so I am hungry, thirsty, tired or elated at the fragrance. But personally I have found it difficult to convey smell in blog posts other than shit.

The stars

watch and smile down
at the flowers and at us.

You could have actually ended the poem at grace. But you were more prolific and had more to say.

It's like the last sentence becomes a conclusion. I haven't seen this in your other poems. Most of them ended in mystery, question or paradox.

The days of life are unlikely bouquets—
they flourish, wither: underneath our gaze.

I usually thought of myself as a bud. Mostly kept to myself and quite. Working with this blog I have opened up a little.

Today most of the cherry blossoms are on the ground and blown away in the wind. New flowers azalia and lavander has opened. Who knows what flower is next?

@trucklife-family here, your words conjure up such beautiful imagery along with the photographs you have used. What a wonderful poem to describe the diversity of our days, of our lives, with so many different aspects embraced and the beauty of our landscape. All which bring us great healing and awareness.


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Just divine, Daniel. Nice to see poetry blooming here too:)

Thanks for sharing your poem @d-pend. Really beautiful and mysterious at the same time

Just beautiful @d-pend