Strengthening your immune system - the foundation for your survival against Covid-19 pandemic

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When the foundation of anything is weak, the end result is collapse of that structure. The immune system is made up of cells and they are the backbone or foundation upon which a healthy body relies on and once there is a compromise on its integrity, problem ensues.

A lot has been said about this deadly Covid-19 pandemic and it is no longer news that one needs to be extremely careful and cautious of where they go, who they interact with, things they touch and as well as ensuring social distancing.

Viruses generally love to attack immune cells, take over the genetic machinery of their host to produce millons of their own copies. They are more interested in those cells that will likely be a challenge to them; the immune cells and as such they hide in disguise inside cells. Naturally, what the body does is to produce soldiers aka the antibodies. These antibodies are specific to the particular viral antigen that elicited them and what they do basically is to attack the virus in a bid to destroy and clear them out of the body system.

Now, the cells that produces these antibodies are a type of the white blood cells that play major role in the immunity and they are the B-cells. Generally, you can as well include the lymphocytes such as the T-cells (helper T cells and cytotoxic T cells). Most virus like the HIV virus targets this T cells because once these cells are down, it is easier for them to thrive and dominate their host entire system.

So now you understand what happens, what then do you do to stay healthy, safe and free from any opportunistic infections. Remember, a weakened immune system is more prone to infection than a very strong immune system. A big question you might want to ask goes thus:

Does the nature of the immune system have much effect on Corona virus?

I have already written a a detailed article about how the corona virus operates - critical and detailed insights on Covid-19: all you need to know. One dangerous thing about most respiratory viruses is that, they are at first not so much interested in your immune cells because they target the cells of the lungs - the pneumocytes. For Covid-19, it is more interested in the type 2 pneumocytes, the cells that produces surfactant - substances that ensures that there is no increase in surface tension in the lungs thus, prevent the lungs from collapsing. For full details about this, read the article above.

They use the cells of the type 2 pneumocytes to replicate more millions of viral particles that continue to damage more cells of the lungs. Unlike HIV virus that majorly targets the immune system cells. So it is very important to as much as possible maintain social distancing and ensure proper washing of hands with soap and running water. Your best chance is to prevent the virus from entering.

Your immune system though plays a vital role by delaying the damages to be done by the invading virus and it does this by producing antibodies such as the IgM and the IgG in a bid to fight and clear the virus but the big question here is; for how long can they hold off the virus. They are not enough to overwhelm the virus without any vaccine or antiviral drugs.

Treatment with antiviral drugs are the best option for viral infections since they basically go to either block the virus from replicating or block their receptor binding sites. It is the resultant effects of the damages caused by the virus that causes various symptoms and signs such as fever, difficulty in breathing, tachycardia (increased heart beat) etc you see in patients infected with Corona virus.

The immune system through the T-cells tries as much as possible to destroy infected cells that contains the virus while the B cells that produce the antibodies in the triesto keep the virus in check. Under corona virus situation, the antibodies have neutralizing ability and as such, they bind to the spike protein of the virus (the major site of attack the virus uses to invade cells), in the process neutralising the virus spike protein. The human immune system will always remember remember the type of antibodies it has produced against the virus, thus it is prepared for any new infection with the same foreign pathogen.

Early control of viral replication by type I interferons (IFN), complement proteins, and other innate immune mediators limit viral spread within the host during the early phases of the disease.

The immune system of the body still needs to be healthy though because, when they are down, it only ends up worsening the situation. Like I earlier pointed out, once the immune system is down, it gives room for the virus to do more damage and as well opens the doors for other infections and this type of infections are regarded as opportunistic infections hence, the need for you to maintain a healthy immune system.

A weakened immune system is far more prone to be infected with Corona virus disease than a healthy immune system. Having a strong immune system only increases your chances of survival. Now, how do you maintain a strong immune system?

Recommendations on how to maintain a strong immune system

The first and most important way to maintain or build a strong immune system is to always perform anexercise. Exercises are very important in shaking up the body, releasing clogged white blood cells in the blood vessels so that they are actively circulating and performing their job of killing any foreign pathogens.

Exercises ensures that blood perfuses to vital organs effectively. It also keeps you fit and frees your muscles. Remember as you exercise, what happens is that, your heart beat or rate automatically rises and this in turn increases blood pressure so that blood is adequately delivered to organs.

Doing exercises or walk out also ensures you burn excessive fats and cholesterol that predisposes one to stroke and hypertension. Avoid sedentary life style and ensure you don't sit down for so long in one place. Keep the body active so that the blood can circulate well. Remember it is the blood that carries this immune cells around the body.

Another thing you need to do is to drink enough water. This is a very important thing you must do. Drinking water adequately, ensures that your body system is detoxified of harmful reactive radicals that damage cells an weaken the immune system.

Drinking enough water ensures that the liver detoxifies effectively while the kidneys perform its job of ultrafiltration effectively. The normal colour of the urine is light amber. At any point it is too thick or very dark in colour, it simply means you are dehydrated and have not taken in enough water for that day.

Next is to watch what you eat. Preferably, talking fruits more keeps you more healthy because fruits usually contains natural minerals and antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E, etc and they help in clearing the body of any oxidant or reactive radicals that can damage cells.

Avoid too much spices and fried foods. They contain a lot of radicals. Cucumber, apple, carrot, garlic, ginger, etc are all plants that can provide you with a whole lot of vitamins and minerals the body needs to stay healthy.

Another way to stay healthy and strong is to Stay happy and joyful always. Avoid things that will keep you moody. Stay around joyful people, those who make you shine those 32 teeth of yours. Happiness is a sole recipe for long life. Laughing has a way of releasing a hormone known as endorphins- wellness hormone.

Do anything that will make and keep you happy, pay less attention to worries and concentrate more on your happiness. Above all, always remain positive as believe at the end of the day, you will live and thrive to fulfill your dreams. Think positive always. Your psychology plays a lot of role in your health and immune system condition. In medicine, this is likened to what is known as the placebo effect. When you believe you and strong and do the right thing, you are sure of staying healthier than others who are not optimistic and positive about their health.

With above, I believe you would definitely be fine and healthy.

Until next time. Do check my blog to read more about placebos and other medically important terms.

Stay healthy, eat good food (fruits if possible most times), don't live a sedentary life style, do work out and exercises, drink enough water daily and always stay happy.

Avoid Covid-19 by washing your hands with soap and running water after contact with surfaces or people. Use sanitizers and nose mask when need be. Practice social distancing and you will be fine.

Untill next time, see ya.

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Stay happy and joyful always. Avoid things that will keep you moody. Stay around joyful people, those who make you shine those 32 teeth of yours. Happiness is a sole recipe for long life. Laughing has a way of releasing a hormone known as endorphins- wellness hormone.

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