Skin Cancer Story part 2

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Hi fellow Hiveians,

Today I’m back with my update on my journey with skin cancer. Am I successful? Find out below!

Edition 1 of this series can be found here

Here’s a cool picture of lightning we got recently!


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I want to preface this all with saying that you shouldn’t take this as medical advice but this is my anecdotal experience.

Don’t Get Panicked

One of the biggest things I can say any time you think you have cancer or some kind of serious health concern is try not to be in a state of panic. We can absolutely be scared and that’s good but don’t get to a state of panic. Panic has many negative health consequences associated with it but more importantly we do rash things we probably shouldn’t do.

Once I understood what I’ve got going on I immediately started to figure out what I needed to do in my life to get rid of this thing without doing something even more dangerous or detrimental to my body. One of the first things I knew from past knowledge that we thankfully didn’t need to apply, was that frankincense essential oil is a powerhouse against things like skin cancer and ailments of the skin. The other thing I knew I needed to do was to get to a more alkaline state of body. I cut out sugars except honey and tiny amounts of maple syrup, ate zero cheese, minimal dairy isolated to occasional bits of butter when needed and I started loading on vitamin C, D, B and drinking apple cider vinegar daily (although too much daily I realized! 2 tablespoons is the max daily dose, I was doing that 3x a day! Not good for a few reasons but I was trying to get to a better physical state). These things are important to do anyways to help our bodies reset but it’s especially important when trying to eliminate something like this.

What I didn’t know is there are four species of frankincense! The one you often see if you find it in a store is actually the Serrata species of it. That one has some great analgesic properties to it and is helpful in fighting infections and stuff but it’s not the makeup I needed.

After searching the sourced article below, I learned of the proper genus for treating the skin issues that I needed, Boswelia Carteri genus of frankincense is the one that’s very effective at battling the few types of skin cancer. I noticed a very significant difference in how my skin was reacting to this different makeup of frankincense and that was relieving.



What I didn’t realize was that it thankfully specified the genus right on the bottle so I didn’t have to guess what I have!


The other thing I did that was significant and really beneficial was something I read about but didn’t give it a try until @perceptualflaws had told me to try it out. Since he did his own research on something he felt was suspicious earlier in his life, he learned of the benefits of this powerful concoction. The simple mixture is an organic eggplant macerated using a mortar and pestle mixed with organic apple cider vinegar that has the mother in it, which I think is the yeasts? The mother is what gives the vinegar it’s rich properties and health benefits many of the times.


Once I crushed up the eggplant, I stuffed it in a glass jar so there wouldn’t be gross chemical leeching or anything from plastic and I could give it a good seal, you fill the rest of the space in the jar with the organic apple cider vinegar with the mother. You seal it up and put it in the fridge for 3 days, giving it a good shake each day so that it stirs up the good stuff and you have your concoction ready to go. There is a company I think I read about that takes the benefits of the combination of the vinegar and eggplant and sells it in an expensive cream. No thanks! I’ll get my eggplant and vinegar from the grocery store and take care of it myself! Funny story but my wife threw the stuff away the first time I made it lol she was like gross wtf is this red liquid! I was pretty sad that my best solution was now down the drain! 3$ later though and I had me another organic eggplant so it was totally fine. It was my fault for not giving her a heads up about what I made and why I needed it.

What I do to apply the stuff is soak a cotton ball in it and apply it to the spot for a while. I try to sit with the little munchkin and watch one of his shows and swish around coconut oil and by the time I’m done with the coconut oil and brush my teeth, it’s been about 25-30 minutes so I just throw it away.


This is one of the components I would add to my frankincense coconut oil combination. I don’t know if it necessarily did anything beneficial in the sense of what I needed for the skin cancer but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t introducing any type of infection either. I would unfortunately sometimes pick at the damn scab and it would bleed so I was trying to be careful and not introduce an infection too. Colloidal silver has been a great addition to our cabinet so I figured why not? Let’s try it out! I didn’t get any type of infection so that’s good!


This was taken a few days ago. It was a lot smaller so I was feeling confident in my abilities!


Worst versus Best

So I wanted to put it side by side, the worst the nasty thing looked before I applied the proper treatment and the best it’s been which was taken this morning!

This picture was taken on June 20th. This was the turning point for me because it was definitely turning into something more sinister than I thought. One of the times I picked a piece of it off, it was gross and looked like the small juice packed pod looking things inside an orange or a grapefruit. That’s not the normal composition of your skin, it’s layered not bulbed.


This picture was taken this morning, September 7th! Unless I pull the hair and skin back like I was here it’s hard to just feel or see it. I am very glad that it’s gotten back to almost normal looking skin.


Hopefully you found this catalog of my experience informational and at least a way that you could learn to empower yourself for something like this. I will note that I made a promise to myself that if it didn’t get better by the fall I would see someone and seek advice on what it was. It’s great to be able to put components together based on what we are understanding but sometimes it’s best to get a biopsy or something to tell you exactly what it is so you aren’t pursuing the wrong treatments.

I’ll leave it here so the post doesn’t get too long! I would love to get some comments so please leave me some below!

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Great post, was it diagnosed to be skincancer? Should change the title to be more fitting, like, this is how I cured my own skincancer. Thanks for showing us a primary treatment.

This is the most popular working method I know of >>

It wasn’t diagnosed by an official doctor but if you check out post edition one you can see the progression. It was absolutely a cancer but that’s just an abnormal growth of cells, so I knew I had to straighten that abnormality out! Thankfully Mother Nature gives us the tools we need in many scenarios.

I don’t want to make it an aggressive title like that, I want people to take a read without coming to a preconceived idea of what happened.

Aggressive? I don't understand? That would be pure love to tell other people the truth.

Nobody explains the root of the cause better than Dr Sebi in modern times.

One more thing I want to add, the cancer is just the symptom of the underlying cause, if you don't fix the root of the cause, it will come back.

That's absolutely fantastic!!!! Really useful info (put this one in for OCD). I have read about eggplant for skin cancers before - now I've read it twice, it'll be forever cemented in my memory! Certainly seems that you were able to pull out the nat med guns and do something that really miraculously worked! Loved reading this update, THANKYOU!

Thank you Riv! I really appreciate it! I love sharing these types of things. I was scared by it as I should be but I also tried really hard not to be in a state of panic, as I mention in the first paragraph. I know all too well what happens when we go into a doctors office in a state of panic and the next thing you know you are signed up for something ungodly that you have no idea about. I wanted to try my best at doing things the way my body would let me, in a steady process that takes a bit of time, patience and dedication but I was hoping that it would be successful. I have recently cut back a bit on my regimen for things to see what happens and I'm grateful that it hasn't grown back or progressed to something worse so I think I am going down the right path but I am going to continue the regimen, though not as strictly, for about another month before I stop it for a week or two and see what happens.

The eggplant was something I had read as well but wasn't really sure if I believed it since I only read it briefly and not into more detail like I should have. We now have that in our back pocket for SURE on anything we encounter that's a little iffy on our skin! I have a couple moles on my back that aren't worrisome per-se but could become something more sinister in the future if they get sunburned a few too many times or something.

I was meaning to write the update for a few days but I ended up writing it in your timezone because I could tell you were worried on the first go-round and I wanted you to see it if it popped up in your feed! I appreciate the love and vibes you and everyone in this community give, it's helped make a lot of things better for sure!

It's so easy to panic - I get a sore throat and think i have throat cancer haa - dramatic much???

Oh, I always catch the natural medicine posts as I haunt that community like the good community co-ordinator I should be, so don't you worry aobut time zones!

Thanks so much for keeping me updated - so impressed with your healing skills!

Amazing to hear from you! Sounds like it goes in the right direction! And hopefully it continues!

For someone like me who are totally bias towards a plant-based diet, I think its amazing you cut down on diary!

Thanks my friend! It's definitely been a journey, since about the end of May and it's taught me a lot about myself and some of the things we take for granted.

Are you vegetarian or vegan? I eat mostly vegetarian but do indulge from time to time in a little bit of meat so I'm not perfect but one thing we did eat a bit more than we should was cheese. Pizza is too damn tasty! LOL

For what its worth, its amazing to look inward and learn new stuff about yourself :D

I am Vegan/I just follow a plant-based diet and isn't crazy about what people eat :P

Hello, I love your post. I think God put it at the right time since my mother had a tumor recently detected but in her liver, we still do not know what type it is but I would love if it is possible to contact you and maybe share some medications for this type of pathology
Thanks to #naturalmedicine

Hi Gabriela!

What was she diagnosed with? There are many types of cancer so it’s important to figure that out. The exact name would be helpful.

Some of the best things to do is clean up ones diet as much as possible, especially in the case of the liver that does a lot of filtering. Apple cider vinegar is a good way to help, and eating lots of strong vegetables like broccoli.

Not being a licensed professional in this area, I can’t give medical advice but I can recommend some things for you to look at.

This perfect

That's great progress!

I had a normal mole when I was a kid, right now, I keep observing it since it gradually deformed and turned darker--plus with a hair.

I had one on my back that I had removed because it was fairly large and it made me nervous. It's mostly gone but still a tiny bit left, if it turns south, I will definitely be using this method to get rid of it!

Natural medicines are the best man (if you know what you are doing)! Glad to see that this sh*t almost dissapeared! I guess you are feeling super happy right now!

Did you visit a doctor the past few weeks? If yes, what did he tell you? Sorry it it was written in your post, I didn't spot a "I visited a doctor" reference!

Thanks man! I haven’t yet, but I plan on doing so in the near future.

I do have a new strength to knowing that you can overcome something with patience and dedication. I tried stopping for a couple days and it didn’t grow back but it also didn’t stay the same so I’ve at least stopped taking a million vitamins a day lol now I’m just drinking the vinegar, ya I g the coconut oil frankincense combo and the eggplant vinegar mixture.